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A sampling of Seger images from my inbox (and around the Web). Thanks to Seger fans around the world for sending me many of these.


Seger at the famous Oakland Mall grand opening in 1968. The Mall had sponsored a free concert with many Detroit bands -- Savage Grace, Third Power, etc -- but Seger got top billing. The crowd of 20,000 was the largest Seger had ever played for, at the time.

The photo was sent to me by Gordy Hunt, who writes, "I was in 9th or 10th grade at the time...[and it] was my first time seeing him. That's Bob on stage with the Noah-era band. I'm in the front row to the left and you can see the back of my head."

You can also see an extra guitar player on stage. Seger fan Allen Dodge saw the photo and writes "there's definitely Seger on guitar and Honaker on base and Pep Perrine's mighty drum set, and I think that's Bob Shulz on keyboard...but wait, there's a second guy on guitar. I don't think I ever saw Seger with an extra guitarist circa '68, '69... could this be the infamous Tom Neme?" Good question. It looks like it could be Neme...but your guess is as good or better than mine.

Meantime, Seger fan Rob Maisch has also written with the inside story of how this concert came to happen -- and how the organizer nearly lost his job. For that story, plus an Oakland Mall report from Seger fan Bill Cook and more background, click here.



Hometown boy on the cover of the Sunday Free Press magazine.


A French 45 release of "Song To Rufus," with a picture sleeve. The song, off Mongrel, was never a single in the US.


Ted Piatt ( snapped this photo of The Bob Seger System at Chippewa Lake in 1968 or '69. "Back then Chippewa Lake was the place to be in our area to see new and upcoming bands." Note Pep Perrine's twin elevated bass drums. Seger is facing away from the camera. Dan Honaker on bass and (probably) Dan Watson on keyboards round out the band.


No New Ideas Dept: Above left, the picture sleeve for Seger's 1984 single "Understanding" from the soundtrack of Teachers; on the right, an ad from September 2000 for the TV show "Boston Public."

The System and Ormandy...featuring a sax player soon to become Alto Reed




Part of the WCSX campaign for Seger. (Diane Burkey photo.)





Four early Seger ads.



The giant Seger head featured in the Detroit Thanksgiving parade.

(Diane Burkey photo.)  



Seger's European Tour



Followup ad from 1986 Tour



Reel to Reel Seger





Doug Brown, right, (now Fontaine Brown), with Michigan music friends Dan Bourgoise, middle and Del Shannon, left, 1968

(Photo from Thanks also to 



Solo album on Hideout Records by System/Heard drummer Pep Perrine



A Live Bullet-era t-shirt.




Persecution Smith on the original Hideout label.



Billboard ad promoting Live Bullet 



Handbill advertising a Michigan State University show 



A label Seger appeared on in France



A label Bob never appeared on.



Seger ad, post-Live Bullet.



Jethro Tull, with the Bob Seger System.


Writer who jams up the Internet with Seger info.

(Also, one of the few photos not stolen from eBay.) 



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