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Seger Talk: Tour in 2011, CD Covers on the Wall

Didn't you always use to wonder who Tom Weschler was, back in the early days? I know I did. His name was listed on every early Seger album as the photographer. Who was this lucky guy, I wondered?

The questioned was answered, in many ways, with "Travelin' Man: On the Road and Behind the Scenes with Bob Seger" by Tom Weschler and Gary Graff (a fabulous book, which is now available in a paperback edition with a cool new cover). In addition to providing a wealth of info about Seger's past, Weschler has also dropped a few hints about the future. Recently he talked to WXKR in Toledo about Seger and "Travelin' Man" -- and about a new Seger album and tour.

On the tour, Weschler said: "It's come together and they're going to start playing in January," possibly doing more dates than the last tour, according to TW. You can listen to the full interview here.

Of course, what's on today can be off tomorrow -- but so far, I'm holding 2011 open, and you might want to do the same.

Regarding Seger's next CD project, TW described a fascinating scene in Punch's office with everyone weighing in about their favorite version of the album cover, with various options pinned up on the wall. I don't know about you, but I love hearing that insider kind of stuff.

No word yet, though, about what's on the album. But my guess is that you don't design a cover unless it's close to being done.

Any way you cut it, 2011 sounds like a great year for Seger fans.

October 3, 2010

Seger's Railroad Days (Keep An Eye Out for the Police)

My interest in Seger is matched only by my obsession with railroads, and when the two of them come together, it's a double win. So, when Segerfile reader Ryan Garrett asked about the cover of "Bob Seger Greatest Hits" -- which shows Bob standing on the tracks -- I was surprised to realize how little I knew about the photo. But sometimes, all you have to do is ask.

The cover shot of Seger obviously comes from the same shoot as the center spread in the "It's A Mystery" booklet. Both are credited to photographer Karen Miller. A little googling led me to her site -- and a photo of fiddler Brantley Kearns in what appears to be the same location.

I remembered that the shot of Seger was taken somewhere in California, so I emailed Karen and she promptly wrote back. It turns out, those are the Southern Pacific tracks north of Mojave, California.

The story of how the photo was taken is fascinating. Karen wrote:

I love the visual and metaphorical suggestion of the tracks leading off into the distance and had taken the photos of Brantley there as a sample for my own portfolio. Bob saw that photo and really loved it. Imagine sitting in the recording studio with Bob Seger and having him tell you that he really loves your work! I had to pick my chin up off of the floor.

He is a very cool guy to say the least. We had fun that day. He doesn't really like to be photographed by himself -- he always wants to be with the band. The label (Capitol) asked if there was anyway I could get him alone in front of my camera -- it would be so good.

We "stole" the location. I knew that I should have had a permit, but we did not really have the time to get permission to use the privately owned location. We used a ladder to get over the fence.

We were in a different location (never used on the album) when the Highway Patrol showed up. I thought "that's it -- photo shoot is over." I kept shooting as fast as I could until they got there.

I had my head buried in the camera and finally realized that it was taking them a really long time to get to us. Seems they were huge Seger fans themselves, and were just standing by watching the action. Autographs were signed -- they got a call - and went screaming back down the highway, siren's ablaze -- leaving us to complete our day. Whew.

It was beautiful. One of my very favorite things about shooting musicians is the private concerts that I always get. They are rarely comfortable in front of the camera and would rather sing or play their instrument to distract themselves. I think there is an inside photo of the band sitting on the tracks playing their instruments. Train Kept a Rolling' All Night Long -- Of course!

End of a beautiful day. Bob -- can we do some really fast single shots of each guy? OK -- he was happy and comfortable -- so he said yes. Lots of jokes of course -- fun guys who are like brothers. That shot of him became an album cover (obviously) but also a billboard on the fabled Sunset Strip in Hollywood.

Love that guy. His band was fabulous too. Just a great bunch of down to earth Certified Rock Stars!!

Seger and band members playing for photographer
Karen Miller: The train kept a runnin' all night long.

Many thanks to photographer Karen Miller for sharing her story. Check out her other photos at

October 3, 2010

Shaun Murphy and the Trouble With Lovin'

Over the years, we've come to know Shaun Murphy's voice well -- not just from Seger's albums, but from her own. And, as of October 15, there's a new one, Trouble With Lovin'. You can (and should) pre-order it here and get an autographed copy.

Personally, I'm still not done listening to Livin' the Blues, Shaun's last CD, which Seger described as "Heaven!" But I'm more than glad to add to my collection with her new one.

If you live in the right places, you can hit the CD release parties in late October -- see her site for details.

And no matter where you live, you can follow Shaun on Facebook here.

October 3, 2010

Is This Thing Even On?

Remember the heady days of daily updates during the 2006 tour? Now months go by before the Segerfile is officially updated. What the hell is going on at Headquarters?

The answer is, I've been deep into another writing project for the past year. So, as I've mentioned before, updates are mostly being posted on The Segerfile's Facebook page and Twitter feed.

If Seger tours in 2011, I'll use the update page right here at to keep up to date -- but in the meantime, keep your eyes on the FB or Twitter sites for the latest. Thanks. (And thanks to Chuck Prophet for the headline.)

The Segerfile's other writing project.

October 3, 2010

CDs You Ought to Buy On Record Store Day

April 17 is Record Store Day -- "the one day that all of the independently owned record stores come together with artists to celebrate the art of music," according to the Record Store Day website. And even though the Segerfile is a website, not a store, I've decided to join the celebration by reviewing a handful of CDs, most purchased from two of America's great independent record stores -- Waterloo Records in Austin, Texas and Music Millennium in Portland, Oregon.

The disclaimer: None of them are Seger CDs. You don't need me to tell you which Seger CDs to buy. That's too easy -- all of them. And as good as Seger is, sometimes you have to listen to other music. Here's what I've been playing lately -- seven artists that legendary music fan Ears Two and I had the chance to hear last month at SXSW. These are the artists that lit up the festival, at least for me.

Alejandro Escovedo. "Real Animal." Escovedo's new album, "Street Songs of Love," will be out on June 2. The day is marked on my calendar. Meanwhile, if you haven't heard "Real Animal" yet, don't wait a day longer. Escovedo's music is as good as any I've heard -- rocking, genuine, heartfelt, joyous. I would never miss a chance to hear him live.

Chuck Prophet. "Let Freedom Ring." Every morning starts like this: The alarm goes off. I swat at it. Eventually I stagger out of the house and drive to work. "Let Freedom Ring" plays on the car CD. I keep thinking I'll take it out and play another CD. But I never do. I think Prophet could have written half of Dylan's last three albums, although he didn't. He did co-write "Real Animal" with Escovedo. A must-have and unmissable live.

Jon Dee Graham. "It's Not As Bad As It Looks." I've raved about JDG before, so just check out these lyrics: "I said I love you, and I meant no matter what. I said I love you, but it looks like you forgot. I said I love you, and I wonder what you thought. But I still love you. Whether you love me or not." That's all you need to know. Get the album.

The Krayolas. "Americano." The Krayolas play a joyous brand of pop-rock-folk that's hard to label and harder to resist. Reviewers toss out names like Dylan, The Beatles, Elvis Costello, and The Sir Douglas Quintet, trying to describe the sound. I hear all that, true, but it's really how they put it all together that makes "Americano" so good. A freakish Austin cold snap left them playing an outdoor show at SXSW in 40 degree weather, and they still rocked the place. Not to be missed.

Elizabeth Wills. "Love Comes Home." I've heard Elizabeth Wills twice in the unlikeliest venues. Once in the hubbub of the Austin airport, and more recently, in a coffeehouse that had maybe 15 folding chairs around a small stage. And both times, her sincerity, expressive voice and graceful way with a song totally captivated me. I added her to my "I don't know why she's not famous list" last year. I'm equally puzzled -- and impressed -- today.

Ruth Moody. "The Garden." I'm taking a leap of faith on this one. Ruth Moody is one of the Wailin' Jenny's and her solo album, "The Garden," won't be released until next Tuesday. I'm ready to buy it based on a chance encounter: I was walking through the noisy SXSW convention center and heard her play part of one song. Sometimes, you just hear something and recognize it right away. Her voice worked that way for me, and the samples I've heard online sound great. I'm hooked.

Nakia. "Water to Wine." An amazing, amazing, amazing voice. Of all the artists listed here, the most like Seger, at least in vocal quality. His showcase at St. David's Bethel Hall was absolutely stunning. This heartfelt version of Alex Chilton's Thirteen from that set will take you back to "Brand New Morning," and check out this piñata-busting video of All Over You. A major talent.

Of course, there are plenty of great CDs you could buy from artists who weren't at SXSW -- including four that are featured in the nav bar to the left: The Motor City Horns, Shaun Murphy, Reed & Dickinson and Laura Creamer. But I'm assuming you've already bought those, right? Whatever you buy, enjoy.

April 17, 2010

-- The Seger File's April 1 Post Begins here --

"Early Seger, Vol. 13" To Get Limited Release

Yet another in the long line of "Early Seger" CDs is scheduled for limited release, perhaps as early as today. The release was announced by Seger himself at The Village Palace this morning while ordering breakfast.

"I'll have the three-cheese omelet with diced ham and the fruit cup," Seger told Elsie Reynolds, longtime Village Palace waitress, "and I'll be releasing Early Seger 13 sometime later today."

The announcement follows the pattern of ever-more-casual announcements blurted out at odd moments by Seger, who also informed Elsie of Kid Rock's home address, Punch Andrew's hat size and the location of the Seger File's secret vault of unreleased tracks.

Like previous "Early Seger" disks, Vol. 13 will be released in limited distribution channels, at least initially. "Exclusive distribution deals are the key to making this series work," said Andrews. Revenue from the exclusive deals helps underwrite the project, he said.

Early Seger, Vol. 1, for example, was initially available only from the official website or at Meijer stores in the Midwest. Subsequent disks in the series were even more limited. Vol. 13 will be the most restricted yet. It will be distributed only by Seger himself, who will hand the disk to random fans whenever the mood strikes him.

"It may be a little inconvenient for fans," said Mike Boila, Seger's publishing specialist, "but this way we totally control distribution and reduce production costs to practically nothing. That's the key."

Release of the disk was delayed while waiting for Office Depot to put its 100-pack of recordable CDs on sale, Boila said. Seger's organization initially considered recording the disk on cassette instead, but its supply of old, break-prone and extremely low-fidelity cassettes are reserved for archival purposes at the Library of Congress.

The best way to get a copy of Vol. 13, said one insider, might be to stand outside Seger's gate and hope to catch sight of the singer. "Thursday night is garbage night," the source said. "If you see him then, he might burn you a copy."

Complaints from fans who live outside of Michigan have been common throughout the "Early Seger" series. "Why can't I download Seger's CD today?" one fan with an obvious sense of entitlement and a website complained last November, when Vol. 1 was released. "I'm 2,000 miles from a Meijer's."

"You should have thought of that before you moved to Oregon," Seger's management did not say in an imaginary reply, which was never really issued.

Seger's next CD will be distributed mainly by his driveway gate, which looks nothing like this gate gleaned from a generic Google Images search, unless by sheer cosmic coincidence this really is his gate, which it isn't.

The contents of Vol. 13 is a tightly guarded secret, known only to Seger, Andrews, Boila, Bill Blackwell, John Rapp, Tom Weschler, Gary Graff, Dick Purtan, Susan Whitall, Brian McCollum, Eric Verona, Kevin Walsh, Sammy Sergio, Randy Cepuch, Andrew Sharp, Shellie Altman, Rick Coates, Doug Pullen, John Sinkevics, Steve Dickinson, Ken Settle, Uncle Joe, Mike Marshall, Jason Brown, Lisa Royal, Dawn Davis, Jamil Haidous, Richard Petty, Kevin Janeway, Michelle Hazard, Michael McShea, John Smyntek, Ford Wong, Paul Dunn, Mark Rectenwald, Linda Baker, Carrie Stobbs, Patricia Larson, Jb Carlin, Jeff Slater, Charlie Keegan, Ross Dubois, Chip Stewart, Sandra Brown, Daniel Ickes, Karen McEntarfer, Daniel Hawks, Lisa Regal, Cybelle Codish, RG Man, Joni Sapp, Jack Shaw, Michael Crawley, Karen Appling, Bob Knoblock, Michael Good, Marie Campbell, Marty Carlisle, Rosemary Couture, Jack Cunningham, Alexander Mertsh, Rick Bentley, Kathy Gregory, Megan Pope, The Motor City Horns, Bob Maren, Doug Brown, Bill Wolski, Bill Cook, Gord Hunter, Ron Olson, Michael Funk, Sean from Iowa, Peg Pollard, Mark Morris, Allen Dodge, Tom Lacinski, Jesse Burkhardt and several thousand others on Facebook and Segernet.

"It might seem like a lot of people already know," said Andrews, "but as long as that guy from the Segerfile doesn't know, we still consider it a secret."

The most recent disk in the series, Early Seger Vol. 12, was composed mainly of cuts from Seger's Face the Promise CD. "I never felt entirely satisfied with the sequence of the tracks on Face the Promise," Seger said. "Vol. 12 gave me a chance to present them in a better order."

Responding to comments that a redo of a 2006 album did not really constitute "early" Seger, Punch explained that Face the Promise "was recorded very early in the morning. We laid down some tracks at 11:00 a.m. That's very early for musicians."

Meanwhile, Seger fans are already looking forward Seger's next release, Early 'Early Seger' Vol. 1, a redo of the first Early Seger disk. No word on when, how -- or if -- it will be released.

April 1, 2010

New Seger Photo Book to Hit Stores Today

Following their wildly successful Seger book, "Travelin' Man," photographer and writer Tom Weschler and Gary Graff today announced the release of the sequel: "Stationary Man."

"'Travelin' Man' captured all the excitement and motion of the early days on the road," said Weschler. "But Bob has also spent a lot of time off the road. 'Stationary Man' will give fans a look at the other side of the story."

According to Graff, the book is filled with photo after photo of Seger simply standing around, doing nothing. "The photos capture the sense of waiting that Seger wrote about so poignantly in 'Wait for Me,'" Graff said. "Although in some cases it looks more like Waiting for Godot. There's truly nothing happening at all in the photos."

"Anyone can take a good picture of Something," Weschler added. "It's not easy to get a great shot of Nothing. Hopefully, 'Stationary Man,' achieves that."

"Travelin' Man," now in its 30 printing, is lodged high on the national bestseller charts and is expected to remain there until February 2011, when the next good book is scheduled to be published, assuming the prospective author stops fooling around on his website and gets the rewrites done by next Tuesday, which is looking less and less likely. Details as they emerge.

Taking a stand: Weschler's lens captures Seger in a stationary mood.

April 1, 2010

Google Pulls Out of China, Blames Segerfile

After first blaming censorship for their decision to pull out of the Chinese market, Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin today revealed that a competing website,, is the actual cause.

"That fella at the Segerfile has been the raspberry seed in my wisdom tooth long enough," said Brin, oddly quoting a line from the 1957 musical, The Music Man. "First he launches his site before we could launch Google. Now he's shutting us out of China."

The problem, Page explained, is the site's News and Update Page, which recently won The Scrollingest Site on the Net award. The Segerfile Update page has become so long, he said, that it is sucking up all the bandwidth needed to serve China.

"That page scrolls down forever!" Brin exclaimed. "It's unnerving. It would take you years to read it, let alone categorize and organize all of its information in a search engine."

"It's selfish and unfair," Page continued. "If his Update page keeps growing, soon there'll be no bandwidth left for anyone. Why should one guy spouting off about Seger be allowed to deprive a billion people in China from searching efficiently for news of Justin Bieber, Jesse James and Dancing With the Stars? To say nothing of soft-core porn."

The Google co-founders said they are so determined to fight The Segerfile that they have changed the corporate slogan from "Don't Be Evil" to "Now It Begins..."

Added Brin: "We won't stand for it. We're just going to keep fighting until we run out of bandwi--

April 1, 2010. With apologies to the many Seger fans whose names I left out, or included, depending on your point of view.

This is the April 1 post for 2010.
For more falsehoods, see the Seger File's April 1 post for 2009, 2008, 2007, 2005 and 2003.

Call for Alto, Tell 'Em You Wanna Rock

He works the crowd with his incredible sax. Thrills us with Turn the Page. Goes up in a hot air balloon just for us. Now it's our time to return the favor. If you listened to WCSX last Friday, you know Alto Reed is joining the air staff at the station. He's lined up for a weekend show featuring the kind of rock that ought to be on the radio, but isn't.

So here's what you do. Stop browsing the Internet now and call WCSX at 248-398-9470 or 313-298-9279. Tell 'em you want to hear "Alto Reed's Classic Rock -- Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow" and ask them how soon it will be on. Doesn't matter where you live -- you can listen online like I do from anywhere.

The more people call, the better time slot, promotion and visibility the show gets. You're not just calling to help out Alto -- you're calling to support a show that will play the kind of music that needs to be on the radio. So pick up the phone -- it's easy.

Call today, and call tomorrow and the day after that. Hey, does Alto ever stop rockin' for us? No -- so let's not stop calling until the good guys at WCSX have heard us. And in case you need a little extra motivation, the rumor is that whenever Alto gets busy with a new project, that's when Bob decides to tour. So who knows....?

WCSX -- 248-398-9470 or 313-298-9279.

March 16, 2010

A Segerfile Update

You've probably noticed that hasn't been updated in while. The reason: a major new project that's taking almost all of my time, and something I'm excited about. I'll be talking more about that soon.

Until then, it's all the more reason to check the Segerfile on Facebook or Twitter. That's where the latest posts will be for another month or two, until I can get back on line more regularly here.

March 16, 2010

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Cobo Hall ticket stubb photo courtesy of Jim Cummer