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According to a taped interview, Seger's songs have been used in 35 film soundtracks. Which means I've missed a lot. Here's my list:

  • Body Heat -- "Feel Like a Number"

    Lawrence Kasden, who wrote the script, went to the University of Michigan...which makes me wonder why there's no Seger in Kasden's subsequent film, The Big Chill, which is just packed with oldies. "Ramblin' Gamblin' Man" would have been a natural.

  • FM -- "Night Moves"
  • Urban Cowboy -- "Nine Tonight"
  • Mask -- "Katmandu," "Mainstreet," "Rock & Roll Never Forgets" and "Roll Me Away."

    The boy in this true story was actually a Springsteen fan, but Bruce wouldn't allow his songs to be used in the film.

  • Risky Business -- "Old Time Rock & Roll"
  • Shoot the Moon -- "Still the Same"
  • Teachers -- "Understanding."

    This never-on-an-Seger-album single was backed with the never-on-any-album "East L.A."

  • About Last Night -- "Living Inside My Heart"
  • Beverly Hills Cops II -- "Shakedown" -- Seger's only #1 single
  • Roadhouse -- "Blue Monday."

    Pleasant, easygoing version of the Fat's Domino song, though Alto's solo gets excised out mid-note. That edit is so bad, it can hardly be called an edit. It's more like a slash through the middle of the music.

  • Forest Gump -- "Against the Wind"
  • Reckless -- "Roll Me Away" (Thanks to JHender 671 on aol for this info.)
  • Crossing the Bridge -- "'Til It Shines" (Thanks to HrzntlBopr on aol for this info.)
  • The Last Fling -- "Katmandu". (Thanks to SomozaA)
  • American Pop -- An animated Laser disc by Ralph Bakshi. The soundtrack includes The Doors, Janis Joplin, Hendrix, Lou Reed, Seger and others.
  • Hope Floats -- "Chances Are"
  • Mumford -- "Til It Shines" (by Lyle Lovett and Keb' Mo')
  • Outrageous Fortune -- "Get Out of Denver"
  • For Love of the Game -- "Against the Wind"
  • Armageddon -- "Roll Me Away"
  • Streets of Fire -- "Get Out of Denver" (by Ry Cooder, instrumental version)
  • Things to Do In Denver When You're Dead -- "Get Out of Denver" (by the Blues Travelers)

  • Soundtracks that didn't happen

    Seger was invited to record the Roy Orbison song "Pretty Woman" for the movie of the same name. He passed on the opportunity because he was writing and recording The Fire Inside. Gary Graff, August 4, 1991, Detroit Free Press. "Lost chances? Seger says he has no regrets."

    The unreleased "Can't Hit the Corners No More" was considered for "The Color of Money."

    "Yesterday Rules," another unreleased Seger song, was written for "Back to the Future."

    "No Man's Land" was once slated for "All the Right Moves."

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