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Other Seger Tracks

Released on Singles, But Not on Albums

(Not counting the Cameo-Parkway and early Hideout singles.)

East L.A. Flipside of Understanding

Me and lady sitting on the bench tonight.
Drinking warm beer in the soft summer air.
Looking across the city at those scarlet hills,
Talking about those crazy rich people livin' up there on stilts...

This Old House. Flipside of UMC. Basic chord structure later used for "We've Got Tonight"

Take a walk into the ballroom
Now it hardly looks the same
Now its chandelier is shattered
Only darkness here remains

Not many rock songs are written about houses. I wonder whether the song was inspired by a specific house, and if so, which one? 

Looking Back, the studio version.

Brave Strangers, the live version. Flipside of "Trying to Live My Life Without You."

Living Inside My Heart. Flipside of "Like A Rock."

This list also doesn't count "Understanding," which has never been on a Seger album, but which does appear on the "Teachers" soundtrack.

Chances Are

On the soundtrack of "Hope Floats."

Covered by Others

This list just scratches the surface. For a more complete listing, see the link at the end of this section.

 All Your Love -- Pointer Sisters

 Against the Wind -- The Highwaymen; Brooks & Dunn

 Beautiful Loser -- Point Blank, on their album "Second Season."

 Brave Strangers -- Johnny Hallyday

 Chances Are -- Vonda Shepard/Robert Downey Jr.

 East Side Story -- St. Louis Union

"It seems like the only people who do my stuff are these really off-the-wall cats who are looking for really off-the-wall stuff. I always wanted to see Joe Cocker doing 'Ramblin' Gamblin' Man,' and that, but instead I get this horrible version of East Side Story by the St. Louis Union, produced by Tony Clarke [The Moody Blues]. Horns and a big production. It's really funny. A kitchen sink production thing, it was terrible." Dave Marsh, May 1972, Creem. "Doncha Ever Listen to the Radio...How to Remain Obscure through Better Rock 'n' Roll: Bob Seger, Best in the Midwest."

East Side Story was also recorded by a garage band called District Six, on an album that also included Love's "7 and 7 Is" and the Music Machine's "Talk Talk" -- other classics of the genre.

Other covers of East Side Story

HP Movement in '67 or '68

The Finzz in the mid or late 70s (Thanks to Joe Moorehouse for info on HP Movement and The Finnz.)

The Caretakers on the album Peebles Vol.9

Fire Down Below: covered by

Bette Midler
Luther Grosvenor
Juice Newton
German singer Klaus Lage (1983) with German lyrics: Wenns unterm Gürtel brennt.

(Thanks to Michael Funk for Klaus Lage info.)

Get Out of Denver: covered by

Dave Edmunds

Eddie and the Hot Rods

Blues Traveler, for the soundtrack of Things to Do In Denver When You're Dead

Swinging Steaks

The Nobodys

and Bob Dylan (in concert, not recorded.)

Heavy Music -- HP Movement

Her Strut -- Joe Goldmark

Hollywood Nights -- Olivia Newton John; also by Tina Turner on her VHS collection.

Like A Rock -- Johnny Hallyday, a French pop star known as the "French Elvis," is said to be recording "Comme Un Roc."

Hallyday, though an unknown in the states, is incredibly famous in France. Reportedly, he has sold 80 million records in his career and once played a single concert in front of 400,000 fans. Although he's in his fifties, teenage girls reportedly mail him their underpants. Halladay's English-language album is scheduled for U.S. release in 1998. Edna Gundersen, January 15, 1997 USA Today. "'French Elvis' wants to conquer America"

Lucifer -- Jeff Tarlton

Mainstreet -- Garth Brooks

Mon p'tit loup a va faire mal (Betty Lou's Getting Out Tonight) -- Sheila (a French singer, not to be confused with Sheila E.) and by Johnny Hallyday.

Night Moves has been covered in concert by Garth Brooks. Also recorded by The Drifters.

Noah -- James Royal

Old Time Rock and Roll -- Status Quo

Ramblin' Gamblin' Man --Black Oak Arkansas

Rosalie -- Thin Lizzy

Still the Same -- Johnny Hallyday

Til It Shines -- Lyle Lovett and Keb' Mo'

Turn the Page: covered by

Golden Earring
Waylon Jennings,
John Michael Murphy
Stone Mountain Boys
Travis Tritt
"Tu vas m'accompagner," by Anna McGarrigle.

 We've Got Tonight: covered by

Kenny Rogers and Sheena Easton
Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton
Kenny Rogers
Barry Manilow
Romantic Sax
Patti Austin
Gene Pitney
50 Golden Sax Favorites
Dottie West
Rita Coolidge
and many others.

(A mash-up of a dozen or more versions of We've Got Tonight can be heard here.

(A more complete listing of Seger songs covered by others can be found at the Seger page at

Written But Unreleased by Seger, Recorded by Others

(Excerpts from most of the songs referenced below can be heard here.)

"Good Luck Baby Jane," by Juice Newton.

Seger has a writing credit on "Heartache Tonight," the Eagles hit, and also co-wrote "Nobody's Business," (Henley/Seger/Souther -- Seger contributed music, but not lyrics) which was recorded by Don Henley.

Seger co-wrote "That Girl" with Glenn Frey.

If I Had My Way, and Long As I Can Play. Both recorded by Stretch Thomas, a Michigan band managed by Punch. Released on the Palladium Records label (distributed by Warner Brothers) as a single in 1973. Produced by Punch.

While little children are starving
You buy gas for your great big car,
Which in turn pollutes my city,
And I hope that it gets you far.
Poor people got to live in ghettos,
Rich folks fly in planes,
They got so much they could be giving,
And it's a dirty shame.
'Cause if I had my way,
There'd be a whole lot of changes in the world today,
If I had my way.

Jesse and I bought the single on the strength of Seger's writing credit, and later heard Stretch Thomas play in a bar on Main Street in Ann Arbor. "Which one of you is Stretch Thomas?" we asked. "Nobody, it's just the name of the group," they said. We peppered them with questions about Seger, who they said was a great guy. Seger gave them "If I Had My Way," they said, because it wasn't right for his voice.

Star Tonight. Written for Like a Rock, given to Don Johnson for Heart Beat, his solo album.

Come On By. Recorded by Burton Cummings on the album My Own Way to Rock, December 1972. Cummings album is dedicated to Seger, Frankie Miller, Freddie Mercury and Brian May. "Come On By" was also recorded by a local Detroit group called Silver Bicycle. An excerpt:

"Say you like the sound of a loud guitar
And what's it like bein' a rock and roll star?
You wanna ride in my big black car?
Well, how soon, honey, and how far?
Come on by, we'll have a good time..."
Miss You and That Boy by the Mama Cats.
The Mama Cats were a girl group that included Laura Creamer, now one of Seger's longtime backup singers. Originally managed by Punch, they played the Hideout clubs, then moved to Californian and became Honey LTD. Photos, including the one below, are available here.

Back (L-R): Alex Sliwin and Marsha Jo Temmer. Front: Laura Creamer and Joan Sliwin.

Their story is told at a site called Some excerpts"


Ed "Punch" Andrews and his partner Dave Leone were, apart from Motown, possibly the most influential presence in the Detroit music scene of the mid-'60s. They owned a legendary chain of teen clubs throughout suburban Detroit, all called "The Hideout," which had been bringing sweaty live music to kids since 1964. They also ran Hideout records, a record label whose output is arguably the pinnacle of local garage rock.

By 1967, they were managing and recording acts such as the Underdogs, the Pleasure Seekers (with the sisters Quatro), and Bob Seger. When Punch heard the four ladies he immediately decided to take them on, and while printing (and no doubt pondering) their 8x10s, he christened them the Mama Cats.

Laura: I remember when Punch was 27 years old he said, "My goal is to be a millionaire by the time I'm 30."

Laura: Our parents were freaked out. It was hard enough to get permission to do what we were doing, let alone be going out to clubs to hear other music. We were doing shows as they came up, plus we were in school. Punch started booking us in teenage nightclubs that he owned, and we had musicians in the group but we didn't play as a band. We had backup bands.

The backup band that stuck was a shaggy foursome called the Mushrooms, another one of Punch's hip groups on Hideout, featuring a young Glenn Frey. Throughout 1967, the Mama Cats toured, playing the Hideout clubs, ski resorts, dances, local TV &endash; in both Canada and Chicago &endash; usually as the opener for the Mushrooms, who were followed by Seger's band. All three groups became fast friends; they listened to the Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's for the first time together.

Seger wrote, produced and arranged two songs for the Mama Cats, "Miss You" and "My Boy," which Punch released on the Hideout imprint (Seger's band played backup). "My Boy" was a song about a young man bound for Vietnam, but "Miss You" was an all-out soul rocker, giving the group &endash; particularly Laura &endash; plenty of room to belt it out. But the single didn't fare well on local radio, and the four women began pondering a move &endash; a crazy move, in a way &endash; to Los Angeles. In the summer of '67, they pooled their resources, called on some of Punch's connections, and split for the coast for a two-week trial run.


Long Long Gone, The Rockets.

Another group with connections to Punch and Seger. All of their songs are published by Gear. Of all the songs in this section, Long Long Gone is the only one I remember hearing Seger play live.

I remember how we cried the night we ran out of places to hide.
We found out then, we could never be friends...
Got my kicks in taverns nestled out along the way.
I met a lot of travelers, they had nothing much to say...
All along the moonlit mountains, out along the lonesome plains,
I been ten years running, yes that much will never change.

UnreleasedMain MenuTruck


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