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Ken Settle is a Detroit-area photographer who has followed Seger as closely as anyone I know. Ken's interest spans from the early days to the last Pine Knob show, and onward.
Ken's photos have been published in Guitar Player, Rolling Stone, Creem Magazine, People, Playboy, Guitar World, Japan's Player, France's Guitarist, and England's Kerrang!, and many other media. (More bio info here.)
His interest in Seger began early. When Ken was twelve, he got Seger's number from a band member. In a recent essay, he decribes how he would call Seger and talk about chords, songs and other topics. Seger "was generally far more patient than I'd be," Ken writes. (Read the essay here.)
Over the years, he's accumulated a wealth of information about Seger's early shows and concerts along with some terrific photos. Recently he shared a sampling of his photos and other Seger items. Click on the link below the thumbnail for a sharper/larger image and more info.

AutoRama, 1972 -- Cobo Hall

Softball game, May '71 Lakeview High, 1973

Ford Field Rec Center, July 1973

Rock'n'Roll Farm, February 1974

Michigan Palace, April 1974

Plymouth Ice Rink, June 1974

Rock'n'Roll Farm, July 1974

Rock'n'Roll Farm, July 1974


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Pine Knob, 1996

Palace of Auburn Hills, 1996

Updated January 1, 2006