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Welcome to the Seger File: An official site about the music of Bob Seger.

You are about to enter The Seger File -- an unofficial web site about the music of Bob Seger. Start with the current News & Update page. Or, browse some of my favorite sections, marked by a gold key. Or search the site with SegerSearch. Or just break down and read it all.
Cobo Hall ticket stubb photo courtesy of Jim Cummer.
Front Page/Intro
Latest Updates
Seger's Unsung Lyrical Genius
The 2012 April Fools Post
Seger and the Garden of Glory
The Top Ten List, Seger Style
Seger Reflects on Career Mistakes
Seger Opens Tour With New Songs
The Schedule So Far
2013 Tour Map
Hitching a Ride With Bob Seger
A Conversation To Bob
Two Seger/Kid Rock Shows Added
2011 Tour Map
New Seger Tour Gets Ready to Roll
2011-2012 Updates
No News Is No Surprise
No Fooling - The Ultimate Aprils Fools Posts
Fourteen Years and Rolling
Tour 2011 Ends - New Album, Tour Ahead?
Seger (Re)Joins iTunes
New Album in Fall 2012?
Heavy Music Pt 2 - Tour Restarts Nov. 3
New Live Albums Drop Next Week
How the Segerfile Got Started
More Seger - Tour Continues, Album Due
Wire to Wire Tour: 2,700 Miles Across Michigan
Made in Michigan
Signed Copies Now Available
The Tour is Over (Let the New Tour Begin)
Better than the last time, but may be the last time
See You on the 17th -- and 18th
Seger (Shirt) Spotted in Wire to Wire Video
Six News Songs Recorded for Next Album
Eight More Michigan Dates Added (But Not for Seger)
New Album Could be Mix of Old & New
April Fools Post: Remainder of Tour Cancelled

3rd Detroit Show, New Tour Page, Toledo Tonight

First Detroit Show Hits the Schedule
17 Shows (So Far), Plus 1 New Song
'Sudden Seger' Tour Rolls On
Tour 2011 -- The First Four Shows
Saginaw First, Then Toledo
Tour Dates Coming Next Week, Album Half Finished
Tour in March, New CD
The Segerfile's "Other Project" -- Wire to Wire 
The Tour Rumors That Wouldn't Die

Also by Scott Sparling
"All edge from start to finish."

2010 Updates
Seger Talk: Tour in 2011, CD Covers on the Wall
Seger's Railroad Days
Shaun Murphy and the Trouble With Lovin'
Is This Thing Even On?
CDs You Ought to Buy on Record Store Day
April Fools Post: Early Seger, Vol. 13 to Get Limited Release
Call for Alto, Tell 'Em You Want to Rock
A Segerfile Update
2009 Updates
Early Seger Due Nov. 24, Nov. 30...and January?
 The Midwest Gets Early Seger First - Nov. 24
Snarkiness Update
"Early Seger, Vol. 1"
Studio Says Seger Is Re-recording Seven and O.P.s
New Seger CD Thanksgiving??
Travelin' Man is Out Now
Motor City Horns Release A Musical Feast
Shaun Murphy Out Front Again on "Livin' the Blues"
"One Night" at Sherwood Forest
Tiger and Seger, Twitter and Segerfile
The Krayolas: The Machete Always Wins
Seger on Swingin' Time
When He's Sixty-Four
Seger Book Has A Cover
Training Pandora
April 1, 2009 Posts:
Seger File Exposed As Ponzi Scheme
Opening of SegerWorld Delayed Until 2010
New First-Ever Seger Book Scooped by Even Newer First-Ever Seger Book
Alto Reed Photo Gallery Opens
Coming in May: Motor City Horns CD/DVD
SXSW: The Sweet Spot of Authenticity
First Ever Seger Book to Hit Shelves
Seger File on Twitter
Seger on iTunes, GuitarHero and YouTube

2008 Updates

They Know Music -- And We'll Miss Them
 Feat Rock the House, Wake Up Seger File
Brown at the Fence Line
What's Happened to the Seger File?
New Seger/Little Feat Track is Out
OTR&R Craze Sweeps World (Kid Rock on German TV)
Stevie Nicks Faces the Promise
New Seger Track in August, Via Little Feat
Seger File Lies to BBC
Guitar Hero Riffs On Old Time Rock & Roll
Seger File is Voice of Gen. Mittencrab
Summer Forecast: Seger Quiet, Other's Not

Coming Soon: Your Backstage Pass

The 2008 April Fools Post
A Year After Cobo
More Cover Songs
Songs for Seger -- Your Cover Choices

Your Turn -- What Songs Should Seger Cover?

Seriously, Onion, Why Bob?
Tour Rumors: Summer Drummer Edition 
Seger and Live Nation: Who's Pitching Whom
What Song Should Seger Cover?
Lookin' Back
On Wanting, Getting, and Wanting More
Keep Those '08 Tour Rumors Rolling
Some Silver Bullets Do Some Rocking
Someone Makes A List...
Grand Funk Keeps Rolling
Singles, Songs and Loose Ends
The Seger File Returns
Live Promise
(Lack of Tour News)
Seger's Summer
Hiatus Interruptus

April Fools Post -- "DVD Nixed, Cobo Shows Continue"

And To Myself Be True
A Summer Canadian Tour?
More Shows this Summer?
Thirty Years Ago In California
Time to Say Thanks
No More
Message from Moose
iTunes is iGone
We Don't Have Tonight
A Seger Goldmine
Call Him Ishmael
Third Show at Cobo
"My Heart Was Singing..."
Back to Cobo
One I Missed -- Saginaw Review
Seger at "the Joe" Sunday -- Uncle Joe, That Is
"Denver" in Denver
Heading Out on the Big Two Wheeler
More International Travelin' Fans
Nine Years, Two Days
Catching Up
I Know It's Late. I Know You're Weary.
The 13th for the Joe
True Words
Seger at Joe Louis -- On March 13?
Boston Fire
Shutting Down the Place
John Flis, Town Crier
Sunday Morning Seger
Overheard in New York
New York Time Machine
Legendary Rocker and Bona Fide American Icon
Seger Slips A Disk
Today in Music History
CBS Says Seger on Sunday
Hiatus Alert
Distant Shore
Seger on Leonard Cohen
Back in the Fall?
Number 2 for Kentucky
Number 3 for Ohio
More Travelin' Men
CBS -- Casually Bumps Seger
of Omaha....and now, Los Angeles
Seger at the Top
Seger on Sunday
Real Mean Guitar
Phoenix in February
Seger on Morning Edition Monday
Tori Turns the Page
Oakland Added
Dylan Spins Seger
"Bottle" and "Promise" Make Kings List
More Seger on Brown
2006 Updates -- Oct. - Dec.
Bob Seger and James Brown
Bob Seger and Gerald Ford
Dylan Socks it To Santa
Oklahoma Disappears...Again
Quick Times in Cleveland
Face the Promise Goes Platinum
Leavin' for Cleveland
Seger: Rock and Roll Til March, then Reassess
Seger Celebrates Segerfile's 9th Year
Loveless Newbie
The Answer's In the Question
Seger is #3 Ticket-Seller Last Week
Orlando, Worcester, D.C., etc
Loveless in Atlanta
I'm Right, Chicago's Wrong
...And When You Come to Oregon, Try the Granola
Hollywood, CA
Seger is No. 1 on Pollstar
Seger: "We're doing close to 50 gigs."
The Non-Smoking T-shirt
It Takes All Kinds
Memphis In the Meantime
Seger on the Stands
Commas for the Needy
Seger on YouTube
No Static At All
Another Ride on the Northern Express
Don't Be A Rock Star?
The Horrors of the Modern Day Rock Concert
Little Rock, Tampa and Now NYC
Ups and Downs on the Scalping Market
Updated Schedule: Azar and Church are Openers
Coming Up: Seger on CBS
Gene Pool Guy Makes Amends
Opening Act: Steve Azar
Charlotte, Dallas and Houston Scheduled
Michigan Fever, Seger Fever
Michigan Express Due Monday
A Terrific Omen -- The Return of Doug Brown
Face the Pumpkin
Detroit on December 20. (Oklahoma Dissapears.)
Georgia's Turn
New Songs To Hit the Road
Double Play -- More Seger at the Series
Another Seger the World Series
Shows on Sale 10/21, 10/28 and 11/4
Farm Team
Photo by S. Sparling, Part Two
While I Was Sleeping
Another Sweet Saturday for Seger and the Tigers
Seger Tickets, A Tigers Victory...How Good Does it Get!!!
2006 Updates - Jan.- Sept
"First Leg" Tour Dates -- 16 Cities Announced
Wreck These Speakers
The Tour Is ON! Seger Debuts at No. 4!
Media Whirlwind -- Articles, Reviews and Tour Links
Seger On Letterman: We're Going Back on Tour
Seger Rocks the Charts
Gene Pool -- Clueless or Merely Ignorant?
A Glimpse Into Seger's World
Seger on Leno
The Oakland Press -- Letterman in the Works?
The Associated Press -- Agonizing Over Every Square Inch
The Free Press -- More Tracks in December?
The Detroit News -- Seger Fires It Up
Detroit Papers Talk Tour With Seger
Street Teamers Reward
Tsunami Alert Cancelled
Best Seger Album Since
Car Talk
"Some Blood on the Page" -- Seger in NYT, RS and ET
The Tour Dance
Seger Video Lights Up the (California) Night
Wait For Me -- And See About That Laundry, Too, Babe
Rumor Central -- Thanksgiving Show, "Wait" Video
Seger's Other New Album
Promised Tracks -- Twelve on the Twelfth
Billboard's Take on "Wait"
Love's Lee Lost
I Don't Usually Do This, But...
Seger's 16th Studio Album -- Face the Promise
Settle Annex Expands
Turn Up the AC, Going Down the Country
"Wait" at 28
Vault V -- Ears Two Flies Solo
Greatest Gainer, Most Airplay Adds, Airpower Honors
Seger and the New York Times
More On Drive Time Radio
Stranger In Town?
More Radio
Seger Hits the Stations
Great "Wait"
Single Debuts July 5, On Air Everywhere July 6
Track List Clues -- "Wreck This Heart"
Snippet Ships
Seger on WCSX: Tour Is A Definite Maybe
Seger's Next Huge Single: "Wait For Me"
21 and Over?
South by Southwest Seger
Springsteen's Seeger Tribute
Seger File Heads to SXSW
Three More Seger Songs View for Spot on CD
Seger and Kid Share Stage (Again), But No "Bottle"
A Night Detroit Will Never Forget
Like A Quarterback
Kid Rock Never Forgets
May Or Not?
Annex Added
Face the Email
Creek's Flowing
2005 News and Updates
Local Grit -- Detroit and Seger in Books
Fans Or Customers -- Which Are We?
New Photos, Old Articles
The Freep Says CD This Year
The Hits Just Keep On Comin'
O.P.'s -- Still Smokin' After All These Years
Landing In London -- Seger Takes the Stage with 3DD
New CD on November 8
Seger Answers the Wind
An Enthusiastic Yes for Smoki Nopes
To Buy Or Not To Buy -- The Re-release of Smokin' O.P.'s
Abbott Rides Again
Time, Rivers, Wreck This Heart -- New Seger Titles Hit the Shelves
Boss in Detroit -- Will "Local '70s Star" Show?
All The News That Isn't (April 1)
All Brand New
'Real Mean' Rumor
Rock In the House
Waiting On A Promise
London Calling
Sock It To the Kranks
Kid Talks
Vault's Still Open
What's Seger Been Writing Lately? Don't Ask.
Forward Into the Vault
2004 Updates
The SegerFog Parts over "Blue Ridge" -- Briefly
Seger Nominated for Detroit Music Awards
Mick, Kid, Prince, Rosalie, Mahorn and Smokey..."Everybody But Seger"
Video Links: Seger and Kid Rock
Seger Gets Them Dancing in the Aisles
What Bob Played Tuesday Night
Seger Rocks the Hall!
Listen All Night to the Wind -- (A Seger File Hall of Fame Tribute)
The Free Press and the Rest of the Press (Hall of Fame news links)
Bob Seger Day
Heading to the Hall
"Bob Is In Great Voice; The Band Is Kicking Rock 'n' Roll Butt"
Prince Takes Seger Lessons
Asked and Answered -- Seger on the Radio
Halfway to Platinum
The Thin Line of R & B
Seger File Climbs the Charts
More Rocking, Less Shopping
Seger's Smash
2003 Updates -- July - Dec
Sounds from the Hall
Joe Knows
Tour du Jour
The Promise of Promise -- More in 04?
In other baseball news...
Are albums over?
How's Sarah?
Florida Time
Don't Stop Thinking About "Tomorrow."
Simpsons Slam Seger
Live from New York...
The Wait is Over -- Seger's In!
Great Week for Greatest Hits 2
Let "Tomorrow" Never End
DetNews Covers Seger
Kid Rock Covers Seger
Carved "In Stone" -- Seger Says New CD in 04
Great Hits, Great Pics
Another Reason We Should All Live In Traverse City
Hey First-Dayers -- How's It Sound?
Seger Delivers!!
Get Out of Denver, Like A Truck, GHV2
Greatest Hits 2 Slithering Along
SegerFog Descends on SegerFile
More Unreleased Seger -- The Seger File Returns to the Vault
2003 Updates -- Jan - June
Capitol Reaches "Dee-Pah" Into Vaults for Ancient Live CD
Capitol Punishment: Early Platinum Albums Nearly Nixed by Label
Bob Seger, Public Menace
Seger Ribbed on Simpsons
Stoned...Cloned...And Disowned.
Cars and Stars
Searching for Seger on CKLW
Sail On
2002 News and Updates
If There's No Truth, Use Innuendo
World Series of Advertising
Once In A New Moon
The Eternal Thompson Gunner
Sex, Cars and Rock and Roll
Unreleased Seger -- The Seger File Goes Inside the Vault
Timothy White Remembered
Sail On
Seger in the Breeze -- Special Finish Line Cam Added!
New Seger in the Library, Old Seger at the Mall
Rock the Hall for Bob Seger -- Now.
Been A Long Time Since I Rock and Sold
Outside Is In
Just Back from Nashville
Nashville Update
Lookin' Back
2001 News and Updates
A New Years Wish List from the Seger File
Heads Up, Heads Off
Stranger in Bin
The Bob Seger Interview Part I
From Stranger to Nine to '72: More Remasters Coming, Punch Says
The Seger vs. Springsteen Complexo-Meter World Exclusive
How Many Times
New Stranger
A Polar Bear's Fur Is Actually Sort of a Yellow
A Full Force Gale?
This Is My Commercial
He's Like A Full Force Kid
Fortunate Son
Unfortunate Son
Seger at the Shed
Shedding More Light
Once More to the Shed
Waiting on the Lightning
Seger Wins Boat Race
Too Much of Nothing
Crazed Loner Meets Thong Girl
Seger, Kid Rock and the Hump
Train Man Rambles Dusty Into Town...
Garth, Dale, Nascar, Presley and Me
Medicated Top Twenty
Second Chance
Photo Inbox
1998-2000 Updates
Out In the Hall
Hall Monitor
Poetry and Politics
Like A (Kid) Rock
Through A Lense Sharply
The Famous Seger Smile
Testing, Testing
"I'll Be Obsolete One Day..."
Will Seger Survive the Hall of Fame Vote?
"I Pretend to Be Liberal But I Sure Support the GOP"
All of Chuck's Children
Poetic Injustic
The Real History of Rock
If Web Pages Ran Filler
Major League Detour
Most Excellent, Most Overrated
What's Old is New
Wild Pitch
Gonna Learn to Boogie (Oh Carol 101)
My Life is Bad
Sarcastic Spoonful
The Smallest of Updates
The World is Ending
Things We Know Now That We Didn't Know Then
Mysteries and Clues
Dave Leone, Pioneer of the Detroit Music Scene
RS, Meet RS
"E" as in "Eventually"
Strike Two
Back in '72
10,000 Seger Maniacs...Times Two
You've Got (More) Mail
The XRT Files
No News Today, Read All About It
It's A Mystery
Headbangers Turn Page
Brand New E-Mail
Alto Reed and Related Artists/Pages
Seger on the Rails
Seger on the Radio
Seger in the Raw
Seger in Billboard Book
Seger and Punch Raise Money for Research
The King, the Chairman and Satchmo...and Bob.

TOUR 2013
Check the Updates Page
TOUR 2011
Info on 2011 tour here.
Grand Rapids (11/8/06) through Cleveland (12/16/06)
Seger Rocks Detroit -- 12/06
Orlando (1/6/07) through Boston (1/27/07)
Worcester (1/30/07) thru Columbus (3/10/07)
Fans On Tour - Fan Comments from First Leg (11/8 - 12/16)
The Seger File Review of the Opening Show in Grand Rapids
The Seger File Review of the Cleveland Show

The Seger File Review of the Final Show at Cobo

 The Seger File's Ninth Anniversary Page
Photos 1
Photos 2
Photos 3
Photos 4
Hall of Fame Photos From Tom Weschler
The Settle Annex
The Albums
Ramblin' Gamblin' Man
(River Deep-Mountain High)
Brand New Morning
Smokin' O.P.'s
Back in '72
(Turn the Page)
(Get Out of Denver: The '90s Version)
Beautiful Loser
Live Bullet
Night Moves
Stranger in Town
Against the Wind
Nine Tonight
The Distance
Like A Rock
The Fire Inside
Bob Seger's Greatest Hits
It's A Mystery
(My Take: Seger Unleashed)
Face The Promise
The Seger File Reviews
From the Vault to the CD -- Comparing Tracks.
Other Reviews
Other Albums
The Promised Live Album
The Promised Studio Album
Seger on the Edge
The Bob Seger Collection (Australian Greatest Hits)
Seger Classics
A Very Special Christmas,1987
Other Album Appearances
The Seger Tribute Album
Sing Your Own Seger
Perfect Albums?
Influences/Other Bands
Early Influences
Later Influences
Other Performers
TV Appearances
The Star That U Don't C
Night Moves (SNL)
Making Thunderbirds
Old Time Rock and Roll
American Storm
Like a Rock
Real Love
Fire Inside
Night Moves (New)
Turn the Page
It's A Mystery
Chances Are
Ten for Two
The Cobo Hall Tapes
The Palace Tapes
ThePrimo Photo
The Rolling Stone Letter
Check the Label
Who Picks the Singles?
Early Singles
The Lonely One
TGIF/First Girl
Ballad of the Yellow Beret
East Side Story
Persecution Smith/Chain Smokin'
Sock It To Me, Santa/Florida Time
Vagrant Winter/Very Few
Heavy Music
2+2=?/Death Row
Ramblin' Gamblin' Man/Tales of Lucy Blue
Looking Back
If I Were A Carpenter
Bombs Away
Chances Are
My Take on Chances Are
Reaching Number One
Recorded but Unreleased
Rare Seger from A-Z
Other Seger Tracks
Released on Singles, But Not on Albums
Covered by Others
Written By Seger, Recorded by Others
Like a Truck
Who Does the Song Belong To?
Ancient History Dept.
How Seger Sees Rock/Truck
Singer or Salesman?
My Take: Gatsby, Seger and Victory
The Mystery Man
Recent History Dept.: How the Song Became An Ad
Good Song, Great Ad?
Bad Press, Bad Precedent
Through the Lean Years
Bob's View
Insults and Dead Horses
Fix Or Repair Daily
Career -- The Early Years
Early Days
Motor City's Burning
Places He Played
More Dues-Paying Years
Career, Misc.
Lead Singer Vs. Guitar Player
The Slow Road to Success
The Requisites of Greatness
Theories: Why It Took So Long
"You Are Now Leaving Seger Territory"
Breaking Out
What Is Success?
Early Bands
The Decibels
The Town Criers
The Omens
Democracy Rocks
Later Bands
Bob Seger and the Last Heard
The Bob Seger System
Julia/My Band/Borneo Band
Muscle Shoals band
The Silver Bullet Band
Back-up Systems
Shaun Murphy
Karen Newman
Related Bands
Detroit All-Stars
Alto Reed
Blue Highway (Drew Abbott's Band)
Biographical Notes, Part 1
Detroit? Ann Arbor?
We Even Sang the Parts the Instruments Were Playing
A Father Leaves
Fire and the Memory of Love
All the Wild, Wild Good Times
Interests and Hobbies
Predicting the Future, Then and Now
Biographical Notes, Part 2
On Growing Older
The Seger Work Ethic
You Can't Miss That Driving Rain
Friends and Family
Let's Dig Up Something Really Nasty
I'm Gonna Tell My Tale, C'mon
Of Caves and Barbed Wire
Describing the Undescribable
The Imaginary Interview
Question for Mr. Seger
Early Tours and Shows
The Oakland Mall
The Primo, R%R Farm, Suds Factory and Chances Are
The Agora
On the Road
Jackson County Fair
Pontiac, the Michigan Jam and Other Victories
Seger in the Arena
The 1983 Tour
The 1986-87 Tour
The Last Tour?
They'll Never Be in The Arena, But They Get to Write the Reviews
Oakland: "...the decline of rock..."
San Francisco
New York: "...transcends the barriers..."
Los Angeles: "...blistering determination..."
Vancouver (Canada)
The 1996 Tour
The Set List Discussed
The Set List Presented
The Set List Analyzed
Bringing the Family
Tour Notes
Thirsty for Seger
A Review of the Reviews
Palace of Auburn Hills
L.A.: "...still has the touch..."  
Get Back to Work
Thou Shall Not: A guide to surfing The Seger File at work.
Readin' O.P.'s
A compilation of e-mail messages people have sent. They're ALL great, but some of my favorite are:
Hope to see you tonight
Motor City Rock
The FargoDome
The 7-Eleven and the Winter Olympics
He gave me a really strange look...
Now that we're older...
Brand New E-Mail
More great letters. Read 'em all. Or sample a few, by following the links.
Seger, Sinatra, Cobain, etc.
My Dad, Bob, the old days, and Charlie Martin
I work for General Motors
Seger and Mohammad Ali
The last thing I hear from Bob Seger...
Road trip to Ann Arbor
I never spoke to Bob...but he always spoke to me
Brand New E-Mail Part II
Bob at the Roseland Inn
Seger interview
Backstage with a bad pass
Time to put the car in park
Starry August nights in Northern Michigan
Cool me down
Seger is the bridge from Motown...
The Seger-starved masses plead for tour news
The Kiss File?
Seger Stories and Misc. E-Mail
Lately, the e-mail has been full of Seger stories. Here's some of the best. Click to the page for more.
The best thing you could say  
Blue and Julia  
Rockin' with Fidel  
Early days of baseball and Bob  
Follow your heart  
Waving with the lighter
Why the Seger File Is Here: Getting Over Bob Seger
Credit Where It's Due
Are We Anywhere Near Revisionism Street?
The Seger DEW Line
The end and the future.
(Seger File Sidebars)
Vault 4 -- The Latest Unreleased Seger
Forward Into the Vault -- 26 More Unreleased Tracks
Return to the Vault -- 18 More Unreleased Seger Tracks
The Vault -- 31 Unreleased Seger Tracks
Dylan's "Denver"
Reese: Money for Music
Seger Inks SimTour Deal, Gets Ready to Rock
Capitol Reaches "Dee-Pah" Into Vaults for Ancient Live CD
Seger, Kid R. and Lady Soul Rock Out at MJ2
Seger-Cam Is Back On-Line
First Annual Seger Internet Poll

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