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Feb 20, 1998

From: SomozaA

I know what I'm gonna be doing for the rest of my life now. Reading and marveling. Excellent job, you did some fabulous research and it's obvious you're a tremendous fan of the man....Bravo my man, BRAVO!


Feb 21, 1998

From: SurferTess

I have been looking through the web site, and it is great! I was on there [and saw the info about] "Long Long Gone," by The Rockets.

I loved the Rockets! No one I ask has EVER heard of them though. Whatever happened to them? I have an old tape of theirs that I had to keep together with scotch tape so I could still play it. I fear I will never be able to replace it. I loved the song "Takin' it Back."


Feb 21, 1998

From: HrzntlBopr

After reading about all the singles I started searching for two that I knew I had. I found "East L.A.," which I'm sure I listened to at some point, but just don't remember. It's just like listenin' to new Bob. I have new Bob!

I couldn't find the live version of Brave Strangers, however, I know it's tucked inside another album. I'll just have to look again.

And...while looking for the 45's I came across a copy of Seven that was tucked inside another...So if you ever run across a cover of Seven (with no album) well let me know......


Feb 21, 1998

From: Agrumpster

Great job. One more opportunity for me to spend endless hours reading and my better half thinking I'm lazy. I appreciate your effort.


Feb 25, 1998

From: Leah

Congrats! Can't wait till the whole site is up and running. I read the intro -- greatstuff Scott. You're a fantastic writer - you're obsessed but fantastic.


Feb 26, 1998

From: Harriet Miller

Hi Babe,

I finally was able to visit SegerFile. Hmmmm...I saw some references to me, but that's okay, though I can't believe that you can't remember great sex from 1983. It's an awesome work of art and sounds just like you talking. I hope we actually see each other tonight.


Feb 27, 1998


I am big fan of Bob Seger I have tried to write him for years but to no avail! I have been to at least 10 of his concerts and had the opportunity to work at one of his concerts.

I had the privilege to play with his daughter on side stage while he performed. When the concert was over I was standing there and just wanted to meet him ...I don't even care that he is in his 50's I have to meet him some day! HELP!

Do you have any idea when he might be touring? And how can I get a note to him?

Mary Ellen Goldey

Versailles KY

Mary Ellen,

Thanks for your note. I've had a chance to talk with Bob a couple times, way back in the mid-70s. He'd play bars, and when they were through, he and the band would come walking out carrying their guitar cases. Me and my friends would say hello, and sometimes he'd stop and talk for a minute or two. He was always totally friendly -- a really nice guy. Keep trying. Maybe you'll get your chance next time he tours.

Scott Sparling


Feb 28, 1998

From: Steve Geer <>

Howdy brother Scott,

For the last couple hours I've been visiting your site and all I can say is "Wow!", Finally, a Seger web site that covers his WHOLE career. Very, very impressive.

Being from the Detroit area, I was fortunate enough to hear and observe Bob as he came up through "the ranks" (Doug Brown & The Omens, Last Heard and the System, solo, and with Teegarden/Van Winkle). Went to the shows, bought the records and remained profoundly influenced by his work all my adult life.

[At my web site], all I've tried to do with the Detroit bands and musicians section was to come up with a "sketch" of the artists, in context, and then link to a definitive page for more information. I'd always been disappointed with the Seger sites...until now.

If you'd like to include a link to my site, I'd be grateful. In the coming weeks there'll be a new section on the roots of Motor City rock (the fifties & early sixties). It'll provide some background on radio in Detroit and cover folks like Del Shannon, Max Crook and Doug Brown (Bob's influences and mentors) that you might find interesting.

Keep rockin'

Steve Geer

The Motor City's Burning: A Tribute to Detroit Rock & Roll, 1966 -- 1972,


Hey....I just spent the last hour at your web site, The Motor City Is Burning. It's amazing. It's one a.m., or I'd stay on and read some more...What you're doing is really great...I'm really thankful to be able to go to a site like yours...otherwise all that history would be lost.

I grew up in Michigan, but I left there about 20 years ago, so I can't tell you what a treat it is to scroll down your bands page and see the names of those bands I used to enjoy...

...I always liked SRC a lot in addition to Seger. I remember a festival in Ohio in the early '70s where they were the two headliners: Seger did his Brand New Morning accoustic set, then Teagarden and VanWinkle did a set, then they did a set together.

I believe SRC actually closed the show. They were promoting Gypsy Eyes as their new single, and by the time it came out the band was named Blue Scepter -- I'd forgotten about that name change until I read your page. So I pulled out my old singles, and sure enough there it is: Gypsy Eyes by Blue Scepter. It still cooks.

All best and thanks,



Feb 28 1998

From: "Thurman D. Wingrove" <>

I just went through your web page for the first time and I'm impressed... I, too, can't seem to get enough of this guy. I'm 32 years old and I've been hooked for nearly 20 years. I appreciate what you're doing and look forward to reading more about Bob as your web page unfolds. Please feel free to drop me a line any time, because I'd love to swap some stories with you some time.


Mar 1, 1998

From: HrzntlBopr

Today was my lucky day! I was doing some serious Seger searching at the flea market over in Louisville...As I glance over I see a sign that says "Christmas" and out jumps A Rock N Roll Christmas. I turned it over and there it was, "Sock It To Me Santa."

I had just read about this album last week on The Seger File. Imagine my surprise when I found it on CD...It also includes Elton John, Bon Jovi, Elvin Bishop, The Moody Blues, etc.....

Thanks. If it weren't for the Seger File I would have never known about "Sock It To Me Santa" being on that album.


Mar 8, 1998

From: Kissy101 <>

As a Seger fan for over 25 years..all i can say is ..i love Bob Seger dearly....he's not the only one to drive 25 hours to florida and 4 other friends drove from louisville to miami to see him play in the orange bowl in 1980...we left on a there friday night...saw him saturday...then home and back to work monday morning.

i'll never forget that trip...i'm still good friends with everyone on the trip...all of us would do it again....anytime...

but my favorite Seger story was the first time i ever saw him...he was playing in a local bar here in was called Beggar's Banquet...i was 15 or 16...i had never heard of him...but loved good music...when he walked past our table with his waist length hair..i almost lost it...

i thought he was the best looking guy i'd ever seen....but when he was hooked ....and have been ever since...i can say..i truly love him.... he has helped me more than he will ever know... sorry for had to ...



Thanks for the e-mail note...Seger sure has a way of striking somewhere deep in the center...he's had a big impact on my life and it sounds like he has in yours, too. Those early bar days were so great...but I love to see him thrusting his fist in the air in the big arenas. Hopefully, we'll all get one or two more chances to see him live...or maybe more, who knows.



Mar 9, 1998

From: Varrd <>

Hello. I just discovered all your hard work, you have done a great job! By the way my name is Boston sammy...have been one of bob's greatest fans for over 25 years and have seen him and the band over 20 times and met bob and the band in the new boston garden in 96.

I was at a small party in the fleet center after the show and was one of the last one to go. I walked with the band to the limos. it was great...I would love to chat with you about all my seger stories...

thanks, boston sammy


Mar 18, 1998

From: HALEYS MO1 <>

I can only hope this reaches Bob Seger or his one cronies, but I got to try....

My name is Mitchell Olig, I'm 39 yr., I'm from Fargo, ND and I have a disability. A little known disease called DYSTONIA, I know, you've never heard of it. Neither have the drs., until recently.The disease is getting more recognized. But that's not the purpose of this e-mail.

In all jobs today, it seems that you need a college degree to get a job, but I can't get one, because there is at least one class I will not be able to take because of my disability and physical limitations...

At 39 yr. it's a little late go back to college, so, I thought hard at what I could do. I finally found a job that I'm good at, I enjoy (besides sex) and I understand, and I don't need a college degree: being a concert promoter, you know booking bands to appear at the FARGODOME (seats 26,000).

I realize that is a small venue for a man of your stature, and what you're used to performing in, but we would love to have you. I would be grateful for any support and/or help you could toss my way.

It beats sitting on my ass doing nothing and taking handouts from the government and using up your tax dollars, I'm sure you'd agree. So please help me and tell me who I should speak to, what I need is contacts, who should I contact to get started.

I know that different bands have different agents, are they who I should talk to? Please help me get a start and get the ball rolling. I'd appreciate any help and support you could toss my way.

Thank you very much for your time,

Mitchell Olig


Mitch Olig

3131 34 Ave. SW #102

Fargo, ND 58104

Mitchell Olig,

Sorry it's taken me so long to reply to your email about the Fargodome. The fact is, I don't know Bob Seger, but if he ever contacted me, I'd sure pass your message on. I don't know if he'd play the Fargodome, but with Bob you never know. Have they got the roof fixed on that thing yet?

As it happens, I have heard a little about dystonia. My dad had something similar. So you have all my best wishes.

Take care and keep rockin'

Scott Sparling


Mar 19, 1998

From: jasch <>


I'll be there for you, chat, to listen, to keep secrets... Just remember to take time to smell the roses... Thighigh (!!)



Well, thanks...and, uh, sorry it's taken me so long to answer.


Mar 19, 1998

From: "Michael Justice" <>

I just spent some time in the Segerfile. Nice page; I really enjoyed it. It's especially nice just now, when I should be working.

To the point: I find it near impossible to understand all the words to Get Out of Denver. Would you be able to offer any assistance in this regard? Anything would be appreciated.


Mar 16 1998

From: Kathy Davis <>

Nice job on the site. I looked around for awhile and I haven't even gotten through half of it...I'll be adding a link to your site from mine in the next few days.

Take care,

The Classic Rock Homepage


Mar 19, 1998

From: "Norene Dennis" <>

Hey...just happened upon your site today. One of the few that is actually up-to-date.

Thanks. I love Bob Seger. I'm from Oregon, and had a chance to see him at the Rose Garden. He was so awesome...always looked like he was lookin' right at us. My husband was hoarse for about a week. Anyway...just wanted to say "hi" and thanks! Would absolutely love to see the man rock again!


Mar 20, 1998

From: Whatbayou <>

[Your friend] Ken was just visiting down here in Louisiana and...we found your site. We were amazed...Truly the most comprehensive site on Bob. I used to live in Michigan and remember seeing him at Cobo Hall in Detroit. It was fun seeing the hometown boy with a hometown crowd. Enjoyed reading your material although we have quite a bit more to get through. Take care.


Mar 23, 1998

From: "C. Smith" <>

It comes to mind, that although my children are warm, loving children, with families of their own now, I did not help them get to that point. The amazing thing is, they love me in spite of that fact. My sons never cease to both amuse, and amaze me.This is a love letter to them. I dig my kids.

Thankfully, Chery


Thanks for the touching note. Speaking from my own experience and others, I can assure you that it's not possible for children to grow up into loving, warm individuals without having learned those traits -- directly or indirectly -- from their parents. You gave your children much more than you realize, I'm certain. Trees don't grow in soil where there are no nutrients...and one way or another, you gave your sons what they needed to do their own growing.

Take care,



Mar 25, 1998

From: <>

I have been a Seger fan from the first time I heard "Beautiful Loser." I moved to Michigan when I was around 13. It didn't take long for me to find out who "Rockin' Robert Seger" was. My first concert was in 1976 @ the Silverdome - "Live Bullet". I've been to every concert in Detroit since! (sometimes two or three times)

I have been driving my family and friends crazy with Seger this and Seger that for twenty-five years or more....I would like to share one of my favorite 'Seger' memories......One of the best nights of my life...

I was taking a nap one afternoon and my nephew Stan is standing over the bed waving something in my face.... "Hey get up! Aren't you going to see Seger tonight?"

"No" I reply - eyes still closed. "I couldn't get a ticket"I can feel the air swish by my face as he is still waving something at me.

"Well get up, because guess what -- you're going"!

You can imagine how fast I jumped out of that bed..... Stan said I could have his ticket because he couldn't go...

...As I was getting dressed I decided to wear my favorite Seger T-shirt and as I was putting it on, I said "He is going to see me in this shirt tonight"!

I got to Cobo around 6:00. There was a parking spot right out in front -- I couldn't believe my luck... I knew this was going to be a night to remember. My ticket was for tier C. As I'm walking up this ramp I'm thinking to myself -- this is way too far away. I have to find a way to get closer. I never went to my seat.

This guy in a red jacket who was stationed on the stairs going down to the main floor looked up and waved at me! I thought to myself - if I can only get down there that guy would let me onto the main floor. I started walking down the ramp...

By the time Seger came on, I was two rows away from the railing and by some miracle right next to the guy that waved to me...two songs into the show that wonderful guy in the red jacket tapped me on the shoulder and said "Go on down." I almost killed the guy trying to hug him on my way by!

I ended up in the second row! I will never forget it...Not only because I got to party with Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band...but because Stan my nephew gave me his ticket...because he knew how much I loved Seger and couldn't afford to buy a ticket of my own...

You see Stan is no longer with us. He was murdered at a party seven years ago. I will never forget what he did for me...Giving me a memory that will always bring a tear to my eyes and a huge smile to my face. ALL THE WAY HOME I WAS YELLING OUT MY WINDOW -- BOB SEGER!!!! SECOND ROW!!!!!!


That's a great Seger're really lucky, living in Michigan and getting to see Bob play those special places like Cobo...I never heard him at Cobo...the Silverdome concert was something...I was there in the crowd with ya, along with thousands of others...



Mar 30, 1998

From: <>

Hi Scott,

... I have lots more stories. Is there a place where fans trade stories???? I also have a picture of Bob and I together from the last show at the Palace I would love to share... and yes I am bragging... BECAUSE I CAN! (It only took me twenty something years to finally meet him)!

I can't tell you how happy I was to find all this info about Seger. Like you I can never get enough...I really enjoy reading your pages. My Seger scrapbook will be bursting at the seams pretty soon...



Mar 31, 1998

From: cgraham <>

By far the best (and..MOST COMPLETE) website I've seen for any band or artist yet...Any thoughts of adding guitar tablature for those of us who like to pretend (in the privacy of our homes) that for just a few brief moments we're rock stars? I've been looking all over for the lyrics and chords to "Fire Lake." I checked OLGA(online guitar archives) but to no avail. Anyway, keep up the great work!


Mar 31, 1998

From: "Marcelo Teodoro de Oliveira" <>

Does anybody have a full size cover of the album "Live bullet" that can be e-mail to me? This is to fill the database I have. Thank you.


Apr 1, 1998

From: dd <>

Dear Bob,

I am a Manager of the 7-Eleven in Park City, Utah (home of the 2002 Winter Olympics.) I am planning my vacation for this year and would like to come see you wherever you are!

I looked on the internet, but could not find anyplace where you are playing.

Could you please email me at and let me know where, when, and/or how I could possibly see you in concert, or just playing in a bar, or at your house, or anywhere!

I am 39 right now, but when I was 18 I really wanted to be a Bob Seger roadie. Once I even spoke with your mother so I could find you to see if I could help you on your tours. Your mother was very sweet, but could not give me any information.

Thanks so much, Your biggest fan.

Shelly Martinez.

PO 4102

Park City, UT. 84060


When you say that you are the manager of the "7-Eleven in Park City, Utah (home of the 2002 Winter Olympics)," do you mean that the 2002 Winter Olympics will be held in Park City, Utah -- or do you mean that the 2002 Winter Olympics will be held in your 7-Eleven in Park City, Utah? I only ask because it's hard for me to imagine the Winter Olympics being held in a 7-Eleven.

As for your question regarding Bob Seger, I'm afraid I have no answer, as I do not know Bob on a personal basis, nor have I spoken to his mother, though I am sure she was always very sweet to aspiring roadies. I am only a fan -- though not his biggest fan, as I have heard from several others (including you) claiming that designation for themselves. I am, however, the Seger fan with the biggest web site.

In all seriousness, I hope you have a chance to hear Seger in concert this year. I hope we all do. Thanks for writing.

Scott Sparling


Apr 14, 1998

From: dd <>

Dear Scott Sparling,

Thank you for your reply. If you get any new info regarding any Seger concerts, please let me know.

Regarding your question as to if the 2002 Winter Olympics will be held in my 7-Eleven: The good news is, yes, they will be held inside my store.

The really good news is that all Hot Dogs and Slurpees will be 50% off. Hope to see you in 2002.

Shelly Martinez


I'll be there!


1 Apr 1998

From: Peter Watson <>

A great site...enjoyed reading your comments, unfortunately Bob has never been to Australia and as the days pass the chances of seeing him are becoming more and more remote. One can only hope...


Thanks for your note about the Seger File. I'm glad you like it. I'm surprised he's never played Australia. I have a hunch he's got one more tour in him...whether it would be a grand finale world tour...well, with Seger you never know. Here's hoping.


Apr 4 1998


When Bob played the Oakland colliseum in 96, I won a backstage pass.

going backstage and meeting Bob was really great. the radio station I won the pass from, ksjo took pictures of us with Bob Seger. I never received a copy of the picture.

I am writing to see if there is anyway to get an autographed picture of Bob Seger. I would be very thankfull. It`s something I would like to put on my wall of memories.

Barry Neal

home address 1377 san juan ave. San Jose, ca. 95110


From: JMoorehous <>

...By the way, I gather that the place where you saw Bob was on Ashley between Washington and Liberty where the decrepit Hi-Fi Studio now resides? (I live at Third and Liberty.) ...

Joe --

That's the place exactly. The old Primo Showbar. I can't picture Third and Liberty precisely, but I've always liked that general fact, today I'm wearing my Cafe Zola t-shirt, which I think is somewhere in the general area.

That part of Ann Arbor always brings out two sets of pretty deeply ingrained memories for me -- the first set, when I was in my twenties, and rousting about with friends, hearing Seger and enjoying life for the moment; and the second set, in my early 40's, when my dad was in his last weeks at the VA hospital in Ann Arbor. I'd spend all day at the hospital, and then, around 8 or 9, stop off at Cafe Zola or Sweetwater's Cafe and sit and wonder where all the time had gone...



Apr 10, 1998


I don't know who you are, but thank you for this page. This is a tribute to a man and his body of work. This kind of analysis of his accomplishments is what I have been looking for. The man gets no respect for what he has done, but I feel you have nailed it on the head. Let It Rock!


Apr 10, 1998

From: "Niles Hokkanen" <>


I lived down in Orlando FL in the late 60's and 70's and used to see Seger every 3 or 4 months - always #2 on the bill. He was well liked in central FL, and when Mongrel first came out, it sold out at the stores.

The System stuff is my favorite, the later Night Moves material seemed to me to be doing a Van morrison thing.

If memory serves correct, wasn't there a single that came out around the time of BRAND NEW MORNING, but wasn't on the album? It was a rocker, sort of a follow-up to "Lucifer." Called "Lookin Back"...?

I'm a pro player. I'm now also playing bass pedals and a one-foot drum kit and am adding a bunch of rock stuff to the solo repertoire, including "Ramblin Gamblin Man", "Lucifer."

Niles Hokkanen

Winchester, VA

Niles --

Exactly right -- "Looking Back" is a great song -- I'd put it on my personal Top Ten list of Seger's best. It came out in 9/70, after Mongrel was released -- and the studio version never appeared on an album, because Seger's next album was "Brand New Morning" -- solo accoustic guitar stuff. I definitely need to add more on "Looking Back" to the web site.

Here's what Seger said in a radio interview:

"'Looking Back' is a strange record. At that time there was a lot of political upheaval happening in the area. I felt that in '2+2,' and I felt it in' Looking Back.' And 'Looking Back' was basically written about all the people who wanted to retain the conservative ideas as opposed to trying anything liberal or new. Plus it had a double meaning about the band, too, and the music that had gone down."

Thanks for reminding me about this -- I'll include this stuff next time I update the page. Glad to hear you're playing Seger live..."Lucifer" is one helluva great song.


Apr 23, 1998

After your note, I looked over the track listings of his live albums, so I guess I'll truck out and pick up LIVE BULLET...

I've got the CD of "Ramblin Gamblin Man", but has anyone reissued a "best of the System" compilation? : RGMan/Ivory/2+2/Lucy Blue//Mongrel/Leaning On My Dream/Lucifer/Song To Rufus/Big River/Evil Edna//Heavy Music/Looking Back/Death Be great to have mint sound quality again!

...Whatever happened to Honaker and the original System players? Quit playing, OD, other bands, obscurity...??? I think it would be a worthy addition to the main pages to give some info about his musicians' background and subsequent history. I love the B-3 sound on those albums, and I may just HAVE TO take up organ at some point.

Best Wishes...

Niles Hokkanen


14 Apr 1998

From: Bill Wolski <>

I'm twenty years old, and I've heard Bob Seger on the radio since I was 8 or 9. My mother used to listen to him, and my aunt and I always danced to "Old Time Rock and Roll" together.

After I purcahsed his greatest hits album on December 11, 1994, I realized what a great investments I had made. The next year, when I started college, Seger was the only musician I listened to. I have since seen his two Cleveland shows in '96, added 28 other CD's to my collection, as well as a small host of LP's and 45's, and any posters or magazine articles I could get my hands on. If the Bob Seger poseable action figure ever makes it to the shelves, you can bet I'll be in line for that too.

...He has inspired me more than any other artist ever has, and I wish I could thank him for it.

Thank you so much for putting such a thorough tribute to Bob Seger on the net. It's something that had to be done, when you hear all of the stories people have to tell concerning the music. I've got an embryonic home page of my own at but unfortunately it's all graphics right now...

Many thanks again.


Apr 14, 1998

From: Seger <ldemers@manitouwadge.Lakeheadu.Ca>

This is great stuff you have here! I thought I knew a lot about Bob Seger, but it's nothing compared to this! I'm hoping that I will have the opportunity to see this rock 'n roller legend perform in this life time! It would be a dream come true!

Rumor has it that he may tour again this year, my only hope is that he will consider Canada. I'm at the point that I would go to the end of the earth for this opportunity....


Apr 15, 1998

From: "LeighAnne LaLonde" <>

hey there,

great going! I have happened onto your site for the first time, and though I don't have the time to really surf around, I can tell you are as much a "phile" as I am!

I am also building a monster of a site, about Glenn Frey. I too have been to The Motor City is Burning, and correspond with Steve Geer. The early Seger/Frey friendship & resultant collaborations is of great interest to me. I'd like to invite you over to look around sometime, or at least make you aware of the site itself. Also, you might want to consider joining a web ring for singer/songwriters that I have just started:

Cheers!- Leigh Anne


18 Apr 1998

From: Judy Wagner <"">

Dear Bob,

You couldn't possibly remember ever meeting me, but I certainly remember you and your music. You see, I was married to another of the up and coming rock musicians from the sixties. They were some great years of rock and roll. My ex is someone you may remember, Dick Wagner, who had a group called the Bossmen. He and I split sometime before he became the Frost, and headed for his share of stardom with Alice Cooper.

Of all the musicians we knew, and some we admired and liked, you..who I barely knew, maintained your roots and played the music you were born to play. I have followed your music for years...

So why am I writing besides the fact I am an old fan. Well, because you are a person I have continued to seems you have maintained a true sense of humanity and pride.

Some years back, my ex -- while down and out in NY, hooked to the eyeballs on cocaine -- called my sons and I in Texas, who he rarely ever found time to visit, and asked for help. We flew him down, and shared a less than enjoyable battle against cocaine addiction. His youngest son who never really knew him finally saw the best and the worse of his father, but for the next few years a relationship did form...His older brother, Robert, followed his father into the music business, but on his own, without the help or guidance his father could have given. I am extremely proud of my son, because I believe he has the genes of talent from his father, but the heart and soul of his mother.

This brings me to my crazy reason for e-mailing you. Five years ago this year, my youngest son died in an automobile accident...Robert still questions his own talent in song writing, arranging and playing, because his Dad "recognizes his potential" but never really gives him a valid evaluation.

So I got this crazy idea to write someone I admired, and ask a favor which I have no right to ask. I wondered if, for my son's birthday this year, I could send you a demo of his music which he wrote, arranged and performs, (it has not had final mixes)...I cetainly understand if this is a request which cannot be fulfilled, but since he cut his teeth listening to Seger, along with his Mom, it would mean a great deal...I hope you and your family are well and happy....and keep playing that rock and roll.

Respectfully yours,

Judy Wagner


I got your recent was a touching note, but the fact is that I don't know Bob and I'm not in contact with him. I will be adding a page toThe Seger File including messages people have sent me, and if you like, I'll include your e-mail there.

Meanwhile, all best.

Scott Sparling


19 Apr 1998


I saw him yesterday and I didn't know that he was a famous singer...he was really a nice guy. I had never heard of Bob Seger before, but i'm glad I looked this up. I recognized some of his soundtrack songs and I realized I guess I did know who he was after all. He was really sweet. I never would have guessed that the guy standing 2 feet away from me was a Rock & Roll legend.



Interesting message. Where did you see him, if you don't mind me asking? Did you get a chance to talk to him? Let me know the rest of the story, if there is one.


Scott Sparling


25 Apr 1998


Hi Scott,

Well I did get to talk to him. I am a receptionist...and I asked him who he was there to see and when I asked him his name he gave me a really strange look and said he was Bob Seger. (Right then I didn't get why he looked at me funny, but now I know it is because everyone here in MI knows who he is).

Everyone (including him) got a big kick out of the fact that I didn't know who he was. He was real sweet about it. All he said was "You're not from around here, are you?." That is pretty much my whole story. As short as it is. Then I went online to get some info, because I was curious about who I met and I came across your site. After I read about him I learned that I did know some of his songs (mostly from soundtracks )and that I guess he really is the star that u don't c, because I like his songs, I just didn't know who he was.


P.S. Your site is really cool and really thorough.


Apr 20, 1998

From: "Freeman, Shawn" <>


GREAT WEB SITE! My name is Shawn Freeman and I live in Massachusetts and I'm a HUGE Seger fan!

My aunt is the one who got me hooked on him when I was a kid. The only tour I got to see was the Like a Rock tour but I loved it. I have about 14 of his tapes including some of his movie soundtracks.

Do you think we will see another tour out of Bob ? I've tried and tried to find the Teachers soundtrack because I love that song Understanding but the tape is no longer for sale. Do you know any place that I may be able to get my hands on that tape? My e-mail is


28 Apr 1998

Does Seger have, or is he planning on releasing, a box set? Thanks for your answer

Terry McDermott


Seger doesn't currently have a boxed set...and the music industry isn't very eager to do more box sets currently, because sales of boxed sets have dropped drastically...but my guess is that if any artist could make one work, Seger could. Whether he'll ever do one is anybody's guess.

Scott Sparling


Apr 28, 1998

From: "Pat Barto" <>

I wonder if anyone remembers or knows when Bob Seger played at Benld Coliseum in Benld, Illinois, around the time I was graduating from high school 1973-74? I saw him there with Bloodrock. Somewhere I still have the "flyer" that says Bob Seger and BloodRock, Benld Coliseum. Unfortunately, I partied too much that I can't recall half of the concert. My email address is

Pat Barto


Thanks for writing. Sure if you happen to find that flyer, I'd love to see it. I have that same problem with trying to remember concerts from long ago...there's some I've gone to with friends that I barely remember being at...what a shame!....



Apr 30, 1998

From: (Bob Rhodes)

Bravo! Thanks for taking the time to do this.Great Job.


30 Apr 1998


I am a true diehard fan of seger from way back when, but have never had the opportunity to see him in person in concert. Missed opportunities, poor timing, whatever excuses....

Please tell me - are the concerts over forever or are there any tour dates scheduled for 1998 - and where, if so?

I can't imagine going to my grave without seeing this magnificent man personal and up close at least once in my life. I'm female, 38, and have a very flexible schedule. I even play the lottery with hopes of winning enough money to bring Bob Seger to ME - at whatever cost. Sounds kinda foolish, but I've got it bad, bad, bad.....

Please let me know of any upcoming appearances/concerts for 1998. thanks thanks thanks thanks


May 3 1998

From: RAH <>


Great page, really enjoy it, too bad I didn't find it earlier!! Question: What's the latest news with Seger? Is he currently recording or taking it easy? Is it possible to catch him playing in Detroit in an ad-hoc manner?

Thanks for the insight....



May 3, 1998

From: Bill Cook <>


I did get to see the core of the Silver Bullet Band eight days ago. The bad news is that they didn't have any instruments. Alto, Craig and Chris were presenters at the Detroit Music Awards at the State Theater. They did a great job presenting Nugent's Distinguished Achievement Award...made everyone proud to be a part of Michigan Rock and Roll. I should note that Ted laid waste to the place with a scorching version of Red House - the Byrdland was singin'.



May 4, 1998

From: "v. Graevenitz/Tarlton" <>

hi, i´m a hobo musician born & raised in Detroit(i´m 38). i´m on a small U.K.label and would like to cover one of my all-time fav Seger songs..."lucifer"! i`v played it for many years in bars and on streetcorners. kept it alive in my own way. perhaps you could direct me to Punch`s area as i`d rather not make such a personally important request to some business-type at the label who may or may not forward it. thanks!! signed, Jefferson Tarlton.


May 5, 1998

From: Kenneth J Clark <>

I can remember seeing a Seger concert film in high school (1978-1979) & thought the song versions exactly the same as what was on Live Bullet. Of course, now it's hard to remember.

I enjoyed your site very much! Let's hope Bob will put Back in '72 out on CD, even if he thinks the vocals are bad. The fans think the vocals are great! Thanks for the info, will read more of your site later.

Ken C


Glad you liked The Seger File. As for that concert video from the Live Bullet era...well, I know the Live Bullet concerts were videotaped...but I've sure never seen 'em, and to my knowledge they weren't ever released to us mortals...but that doesn't mean there might not have been a tape or two around. (Where did you go to high school? Detroit area?) The first time I ever saw any live Seger video was on MTV in 1983 or so...someday, within the next three years or so, Punch and Bob will kick out the jams and put out a bunch of Seger video, I least I sure hope so.


May 6 1998

From: Kenneth J Clark <>

Yeah, Scott, I went to school in Mt. Clemens when they showed the Live Bullet concert in the high school auditorium. I could not believe they showed this at all! Also can't believe that you can't find a copy through the "bootleg" sites on the internet...

Thanks, Ken C


May 4, 1998

From: (Michael Pick)

As a Segerphile, I felt I had to let you know what a fantastic time I've had the last couple hours reading every word on your site. Anyway, thank you for enlightening me, and setting off a urgent need to find some of the albums I didn't even know off.

Any clues as to websites that I can check with for some of the out of print stuff?? I should mention that I heard about your site on this week's Off The Record radio show. Good plug...

...Off the Record is a syndicated weekly show from Westwood 1. There were some interesting comments from Bob on things like why he doesn't play lead and stuff like that. I would've taped it myself, but I was listening at work.


May 7, 1998

From: "Stephanie A Tipton" <>

Bob Seger is a voice from our past, a reminder of warm summer days and endless starry nights, of first love and freedom of youth. His voice hinted of our future, warned that our hopes were fragile, our youth fleeting and first loves are not always lasting.

Although we didn't quite understand we could sense his weariness and yet could feel that he still wanted to hope. He stirred a longing for second chances before we realized the need ourselves. Now that we're older... oh so much older...


May 9, 1998

From: "Enos Akers" <>

Hi. I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how much I enjoyed theSeger File. It is nice to see someone take the time to do a page on the greatest Rock & Roll singer there has ever been.

I have been a Seger fan for 25 years and have been lucky enough to have seen him perform live on 12 different occasions and NEVER been dissappointed. I want to thank you for such a well done Page. Thanks and keep up the good work...Please e-mail me if I can help in any way or if you find any other information regarding a would be great to have a pro-shot concert or documentry tape!

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