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Brand New E-Mail, Part 2

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Bob at the Roseland Inn
Seger interview
Backstage with a bad pass
Time to put the car in park
Starry August nights in Northern Michigan
Cool me down
Seger is the bridge from Motown...
The Seger-starved masses plead for tour news
The Kiss File?

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From: jack melling <>

Subject: Roseland Inn, Jackson

A friend of mine, Bob Fisher, and I would come in early and watch the band setup. We would tell them if they sounded right. Poor Bob, we didn't know anything about setting equipment,but we loved his music.

We were good friends for the time he played in Jackson, including the Clark Lake Lodge where Doug Brown played for several summers before Bob.

A couple things spark my memory that Bob would have at least one new song every week. I loved the way he did "Get Off of My Cloud," and I remember when he went to the Roseland, and how he would laugh about havin' to play for the strippers. The classic was Lady Godiva.

Just an old friend,

Jack Melling

Grass Lake, MI


Jul 31, 1998

From: "Paul Windhorn" <>

I discovered him when I was about fourteen on the Night Moves Tour...I must admit that night changed my life forever.

The last time he was here he was at "Riverbend," an outdoor stage, and we did not try to get close to the stage because we brought our children and we do not want to damage their ears. They are also big Seger fans (like me). But next time I am going to get a closer seat and let the Hubby hang back with the children. I love the buzz I get for months whenever I attend a Show. He is good for the soul.

Thanks for all the info. It must have been so neat to have seen Bob rise to stardom. I know for me he is always #1.

Debi Windhorn


Aug 1, 1998


Subject: Fond Dream

My fond dream as an undiscovered songwriter, is to write songs and maybe someday record them with Bob Seger!!!!

Jeremy Easton



That's a great dream. My fond dream right now is just to catch up on answering all my e-mail.

-- SS


Aug 2, 1998


Subject: Bob Seger in 1973

I remember in 1973, I saw a sign outside an East Lansing nightclub: "Appearing tonight, Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band -- $3.00 cover." Was only 17, so I didn't go, but I later became a big fan of his. Your site answered a lot of questions.


Aug 5, 1998

From: "Dewar, Dan (TEM)" <>

Subject: The "Show me the Way Guy"

Well, that's how old I am. I can't think of the guy who sang "Show me the Way." Anyway, it was great when Bob Seger and the guy played at MSU in '75 or so.

At Farmington High School in '69 or '70, Bob came with his red, white and blue guitar. He broke a string. He had medium hair and no beard. He was slim. It was cool.

Heavy Music was always #2 behind Cherish in the Keener top 100.

It was Peter Frampton. Geez.

Where can I get "Back in '72" on CD? I can't find it anywhere - CD Now, Amazon, etc.


Dan Dewar



Thanks for the Farmington High School info. It's interesting to try to picture Seger that young.

As for Back in 72, it's never been released on CD. You might find it on vinyl on some of the used record stores or web sites.

-- SS


Aug 5, 1998

From: Patty Williams <>

Greetings! My name is Patty Williams, and I am the official Classic Rock Guide for the Mining Company. I am pleased to inform you that your outstanding site, The Seger File, has been chosen to be represented this month on the Classic Rock Home Page under "Best New Links" for August.

In the Mining Company, there currently over 600 live "Guides" such as myself, who "mine" the web for the latest, timely information in their field. Web Sites that are chosen to be linked to our sites (in my case, Classic Rock), represent what we feel are the most informative, comprehensive and all-around best Web Pages that the net has to offer...

Visit the Classic Rock Home Page of the Mining Company at: for original articles, reviews, trivia...and nearly 700 hand-picked, annotated links to the best Classic Rock sites on the 'Net!


Aug 5, 1998

From: "Tina Sheaffer"

I homeschool my daughter and found some lesson plans on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame web site to integrate history and music...The first lesson plan is entitled "Historical Revisionism" and requires the lyrics to the song "Revisionism Street" from Seger's "It's A Mystery" album...I was wondering if you might suggest a site to get them from.

Tina Sheaffer


August 06, 1998

From: Scott Sparling

To: Jim Johnson, WCSX


According to an e-mail tip I got today, you did an interview with Seger on WDIV last Saturday.

I thought you might be interested in The Seger File...No ads, nothing for sale, totally unofficial -- just tons and tons of Seger info. Took me about a year and half to organize it, and I now get e-mail from Seger fans all around the country and some from overseas. Check it out, and feel free to let your listeners know about it.

Scott Sparling

Aug 6, 1998

From: Jim Johnson

Hey Scott-

How ironic that you would write. Before I did the Seger interview, I went on a search of the web and found your website. I printed out some 40 or 50 pages of the most complete biographical info on anyone I have ever seen. You are to be commended for the obvious hard work you put into the site.

I did an hour and fifteen minute interview with Bob on my radio show today. He came by the station for a rare face to face interview. The info that I gleaned from your website was very helpful, especially the story about the "Gorilla" lady at the club in Jackson. He got a great kick out of telling that story again. I have known Bob for almost 25 years and had never heard that particular story. Thanks!



Aug 7, 1998

From: Nancy Caldwell

I am desperately hoping you can help me find the sheet music to "Chances Are." I am supposed to sing this song, with my brother's help, at my best friend's wedding on September 5th. I have searched from Denver to Dallas. Do you have any suggestions?




Aug 8, 1998

From: Barbara Tritt <>

Just wanted to thank you for the Bob Seger site...The man is just rock and roll the way I like it. Keep up the good work.



Aug 8, 1998

From: "Paul Dunn" <>

I have never met him but my brother ran into Bob in a small bar in Tobermory, Ont. (up in Georgian Bay) and had a chance to talk to him and get an autograph.

Like you, I dream of the day we get a boxed-set of nuggets ranging from the early days to all the recorded stuff we have never heard. Another thing I've often dreamed of is Seger doing an MTV Unplugged, wouldn't that be awesome?!

Anyway, enough dreaming. I got to see Bob's last show at Pine Knob, it was a great show. Again, fantastic job on the site, and thank you!


Aug 9, 1998

From: "Brian Andrews" <>

Hello, I would like to thank you for the great job in putting together this website. I was listening to "Like a Rock" and decided to see what I could find out there on Bob. I never expected to find such a thorough inventory of his life. Best wishes and continued success.

Brian Andrews


Aug 13, 1998


Subject: Seger UK

Hi from England.

I have been a Bob Seger fan since I saw him sing "Katmandu" on a British TV show in the 70's. I was hooked but lived far from the main towns where he might have played.

Night Moves & Stranger in Town even hooked my wife as a fan. For years we both waited to see him live in UK, but sadly never have.

Now my kids are big Seger fans, Andrew at 14 loves "Like a Rock," Kayleigh likes "Blind Love" & "It's You" -- not bad taste for a 12 year old. Now the kids want to see him live as well!

I guess I'll never get the chance to see him live in UK, but as a family we are gonna try & make sure we see him whenever or wherever he tours again, whether it's in the USA or KATMANDU, we wanna come too!

I would really appreciate any help in telling me when any possible future tours are coming up, or giving me any website that could give me more info.

Keep up the good work, the Segerfile is the most addictive & interesting page I've found on the net. Thanks a lot.

Mark, Teresa, Andrew & Kayleigh


Aug 14, 1998

From: Eevilbeech

Subject: Back stage at last

This is a true story. The places and events probably should be changed so if I ever get another chance, security won't be savvy on the scam. But to change these things would be changing the story.

First, let me start by admitting to being a Seger Fanatic. Pure and simple, since the age of 13. And it has

ALWAYS been about the talent, not the MAN. However, you cannot have the talent without the man, so they are connected. I do not want to have Bob Seger's child, and I don't give a damn about his DUI's. I love his music and it has always been my deepest desire to meet him, shake his hand and say "thanks."

So...Once upon a time...

Tickets went on sale for the first Bob Seger concert in 9 years. I was like a kid on Christmas morning. I was purchasing my tickets for the concert in Atlanta (in January). Ticketmaster holds a lottery. At a specified time, someone from Ticketmaster will come out with a bag of numbers. Everyone draws a number and whatever number you get, that's your place in line.

I arrived at the ticket outlet an hour early. I was the only one there and this made me very happy. Hopefully, not too many people would show at that particular location and I had a very good chance of getting the #1 draw, maybe even front row seating. I sat there for an hour by myself before two more people showed up. Surely they wouldn't do a lottery for just three people. But the powers that be had to follow "the rules." They made the three of us do a lottery drawing, and as you probably guessed, I got number 3.

The first guy bought the maximum allowance of 6 tickets....all in the front row. The second person got 4 tickets in the 4th row. I got one ticket in the 18th row......I was devastated, but that didn't last too long. Hey, BOB WAS COMING and I was gonna be there.

The concert was great of course and life goes on. This was my main conversation topic for weeks after. One day I ran into a friend who was also at the show as a guest of one of the crew. He had kept his pass from the show and gave it to me as a souvenir.

Now about this time, the Detroit shows were being announced. Of course everyone knows that if you want to see Bob, Detroit is where you should see him. I got on the phone, threatened just about everyone I knew in Michigan to get me a ticket. My sister came through and got me tickets for the first show! Joy! Rapture!

The show was on a Sunday night, so my plan was to fly into Detroit on Friday and fly back to Atlanta at 5 a.m. Monday so I could make it to work. I got a hotel room close to the airport and everything was set.

As I was packing to leave for Detroit, I thought "hey, what if the color code for the passes is the same in Detroit as it was in Atlanta." The passes for the Atlanta show were red. This was a good sign, because red has always been my color.

Well, the show was everything I imagined and more. After it was over, I went down on the floor to see what color the passes were. Imagine how high I was when I saw they were red! So I put my pass on (the one that said ATLANTA and was dated JANUARY) and took my chance.

It worked! I was backstage in no time. I cannot tell you how excited I was. Of course, I practiced my "industry cool" impression the whole time, but inside I was jumpin' for joy.

After awhile of just standing around, a couple of security people came over to me and said "We need to escort you to the party." I was alarmed naturally. Surely my deception would be discovered if I went. So I told them "No, I was just here for the meet & greet." But they wouldn't hear of it. So I ended up being escorted to a private bar in the venue. I was so scared. Here I am, in Detroit with an Atlanta pass being escorted to a private party for Bob Seger.

Well, we get to the party and I'm told I have the wrong pass. Not a BAD PASS, just the wrong one for the party. I tell them that security made me come (starting to panic) and this lady turns and says "Oh, you don't have a pass? Here you go" and hands me a custom made pass....

Now I'm really high. Never mind that my friends are waiting outside in 10 degree temperatures. I'm finally going to meet Bob Seger! (My friends ended up being let inside to wait for me, which I though was way cool of the people at the venue.)

For two hours I waited for Bob to show up. I met most of the Silver Bullet Band, even met his wife (who was totally great.) But no Bob. I'm getting slightly nervous now. I have to get back to the motel (which is about an hour away) shower and catch a plane.

Another hour goes by, still no Bob. And you know what, he never showed up. I had to leave. I think I cried the whole way back to the motel. In fact, I'm sure I was still crying when I got on the plane. In just one 24 hour period I had the highest high and the lowest low of my life. But it was a hell of an adventure.

Now if you take this story in the context it is meant, it is pretty funny. But there is no "happily ever after" ending. Not yet anyways. Who knows? There is another tour coming.



Extremely clever, using the old pass. Considering the effort you put out, you certainly deserve to meet Seger, and hopefully you will next time. Mind if I add your story to the Seger File?

-- SS


Stories are made to be told, go ahead and post it. As far as meeting Seger, I'm pretty much resigned to the fact that it isn't meant to be.

You know, close to the same thing happened to me the first time I ever saw Seger (in Detroit). I was about 15 at the time and way too excited to think clearly. Anyway, I went and saw the concert and the next day a friend and I were outside taking pictures of the marque and some guy pulls up and asked if we saw the show and how did we like it and all that.

He ends up telling us to come back at 4:30 because Seger will be there for the sound check. So, once again, I'm all excited and we leave, making plans to return later. Well, the more I thought about it, the more I thought that guy was full of it. Seger was doing 5 shows with one night off, and I was pretty sure that he wasn't doing a show that, you guessed it. We didn't go back at 4:30.

Well, about 6 p.m, we are returning to our car and we have to walk past Cobo and of course, there was a show that night...and you know, I'm not even blond...anyways, keep writing your Seger stuff. I love it.


Seger at Cobo, huh? Too bad you missed the soundcheck, but I'll tell you this...seeing Seger at Cobo is one thing I've never done. Never saw him at Pine Knob, never at the old Grande Ballroom...I missed all those legendary spots. So consider yourself lucky in that regard.

-- SS


Aug 15, 1998

From: "Bill and DeAnna Paris" <>

Hi. I am looking for a place on the web or other that I can get a look at the album art on Ramblin' Gamblin' Man. Any ideas?

Thanks, DeAnna



Check out Kevin Walsh's excellent Seger site:

He has all the album covers posted -- which is why I don't.

-- SS


Aug 16, 1998

From: Lisa Wilemon <>

hey man i just found your web page & now i'm sittin' here typin' you this note & listening to Live Bullet. i grew up listening to Bob Seger although i've never saw him live i can say one thing, none can compare to his music. it's been with me through every good & bad time of my life. crazy as it may sound i feel as though i'm one of his characters.

LET IT ROCK.......



Aug 17, 1998

From: "Marvin van den Berg" <>

I have to start with congratulating you on this Bob Seger page, it really is the most excellent one I've seen so far. I already spent about two hours just reading (and enjoying) everything you wrote, and I think I can spend another couple of hundreds....GREAT JOB!

My name is Marvin van den Berg, and I'm a dutch med. student. I kind of grew up with Bob Seger's music, even though he's not that famous in Holland. This guy (and his Silver Bullet Band for that matter) is the best. I recognized the way you described falling under a spell...I've had the same feeling since I can remember, which is almost 24 years now.

What I was wondering about, is if you could tell me anything about this new release called Beautiful Loser? Is it just a re-release of the old album, or does it actually have new songs on it?

It's quite hard to get information on Seger here in Holland, so I figured this might work. Another question: Is there any chance at all of Seger going on tour again, and if he does, is it at all possible that he may be visiting Europe?! I know he was in Germany a decade ago, but I was too young back then, and one of my dreams is to see Bob Seger perform live on stage, even if it would be only once.....That is something I just HAVE to do!!

Thanks again for all your effort, and keep up the good work!!



I'm glad you like the Seger File. I especially like it when I hear from folks from other countries...

As for Beautiful Loser, it is a re-release...I bought a copy and there's no change that I can see, except for the catalogue number.

-- SS


Aug 18, 1998

From: Lena O Petersen <>

Have information that Bob Seger played in the Decibels in 1961 in Detroit and the Town Criers in Ann Arbor. Do you know where (or do you know) who the other band members were in those bands? I'm trying to verify a member named Richard Bailes? (I think that that is the last name.) Thanks for your help.



Seger did play in the Decibels and the Town Criers in both Detroit and Ann Arbor, but to my knowledge he didn't join those bands until 1963.

I haven't heard of Richard Bailes, but you might check with a person named Steve Geer who put together a web page called The Motor City's Burning, A Tribute to the Detroit Area's Rock and Roll Heritage. His e-mail address is Or check it his site at

-- SS


Aug 19, 1998


Subject: Drew Abbott

I know how you feel about not saying anything to Drew when you saw his band. I had the same experience.

You an imagine my surprise as a long fan of Bob and the band, when I went to the bar "The Wagon Wheel" in Lake Orion and there is this band called "Burning Circles" and I think his guitar player looks familiar -- then it hits me who it is. Same as you, I didn't say anything but wished I had.

My first concert I ever went to was Bob and the band at Pine Knob back in 1977, the same day that Elvis and died. Seger dedicated his first encore to Elvis. Take it easy.



Thanks for sharing the info about Abbott -- he's truly a great guitar player, and he seems like a pretty nice guy too, just from the way he acted onstage.

-- SS


Aug 21, 1998

From: "Cherrie Wilson" <>

Subject: This, This, This

This kid of site is what the World Wide Web is all about!! No ads, no crap, no bullshit, it's a wonderful repository of information! Thank you!

As always, I too am hoping, looking, wishing for some more concert dates for Bob Seger. Only we are attempting to find out some contact/agent info for him up-front, before he has his next (hopefully) tour booked. We would like to bring him into our town during this tour. We have the resources, i.e. money, now we just need to know how to contact an agent and get him back out on the road for one and all to enjoy!! Please forward any info you have in regard to this please.

Cherrie Wilson


Aug 22, 998


Subject: Nine Tonight

I am undeserving to be anywhere on the list of "Top Seger Fans of All Time," but Nine Tonight holds a special place in my heart.

Most of my road trips in life happened in my college years, and Nine Tonight was always with me. There's no better way to finish a road trip than timing the cassette to crank through both sides and finish "Let it Rock" driving back into your hometown. After the thundering ovation and the crowd shouting "Seger, Seger, Seger..." there's just no way to move onto other music. It's time to put the car in park and get out.

I had gone through four copies of that damned cassette before CDs came along. Something about the length of the cassette, the fact that it was always played at max volume, or the hot Texas summers killed those cassettes faster than Gary Hart's political career.

Of course I saw the warning about "edited for CD" on "Let it Rock" while buying the CD, and of course I miss my original cassette version.....yes, and so I must continue to buy the damn cassettes.

Hey Bob, wherever you are, as long as the sun shines in Texas, "Nine Tonight" will still sell.

Thanks for your website, very interesting insight into Bob, the bullets, and the music.



I agree -- there's something special about listening to Seger in the car. And it was always "Let It Rock" that energized me also...though I was more into the Live Bullet version. Either way, it's terrific.

-- SS


Aug 23, 1998

From: Claudia

I very much enjoyed reading through your website and hope you can help me with some information.

I am at work on a novel in which one of my characters grows up in Michigan. My character graduates from high school in 1965 and goes on to attend Wayne State university. Although it is not a major part of my storyline, I have had in mind that my character may have been exposed to the early work of Bob Seger while he was in college.

Do you know if this is true; that is, was Seger performing from 65-69? If so, where might my character have seen him perform? What songs would he have sung?

I have read that Seger wrote the first anti-war song of the era. Do you know if this is true? If so, what was the title and how might I find the lyrics?

Sincerely, Claudia



Seger was certainly performing around Detroit, Ann Arbor and that area from '65 to '69. In 1965, he was playing with Bob Seger and the Last Herd. One of his biggest gigs of that year was opening for the Underdogs and The Beau Brummels (the English group with a big nationwide hit "Laugh, Laugh") at Walled Lake Casino. In Feb. 65, Seger appeared on "Swingin' Time" a local TV music program from Windsor, Canada (just across the river from Detroit -- lots of US viewers).

By '66, the group name had changed to The Bob Seger System. A typical place they played was the Huron Bowl. In '67, one of his big gigs was at the Roostertail in Detroit. And in '68 the Bob Seger System played at the Michigan State Fair. All through this time frame, he played at the various "Hideout" Dance clubs and at places like Wampler's Lake Pavilion.

The absolute legendary place in Detroit was the Grande Ballroom, and I imagine Seger played there many many times, though I don't know when. The Grande was to Detroit what the Fillmore was to San Francisco. And of course there was the Roseland Inn in Jackson, which had more notoriety than fame, mainly for being a strip joint.

As for songs, see my page on Singles for his early singles. The antiwar song was 2+2 =?.

I can't tell you how powerful that song was in the context of the times, hearing it when I did, as a young man. It really contributed to shaping my views about things and, along with other influences, led me to become a conscientious objector during Vietnam -- particularly the lines, "If I've got to kill to live, then there's something left untold."

I hope this helps. Good luck,

-- SS


Aug 25, 998

From: Ronald Ties <>

i am in search on finding bob seger. yes the same bob seger you have on your internet page.

i was born a seger and in '91 when i met my real father he said that my sisters and brothers and i were related to him.

i am wanting to find bob seger to find out if what we have been told is true i have been trying to find him just recently because for the last 7 years i have been believing this and well i just want to find out the truth!

i have to addresses on a Bob (Robert) Seger living in MI. if you could help me i would be very greatful. if you can't just please let me know but if you can then that would be wonderful! thank you!


jean ann ties


To my knowledge, Seger lives outside Detroit. As I've never written him, I don't know his actual address.

-- SS


Aug 26, 1998

From: "Susan Hansen" <>

I've been visiting your page for a few months now & just can't say enough! I love the job you're doing & really appreciate the Seger updates.

I'm a die-hard Seger fan from way back. He's always been #1 in my book! I'm so excited about the upcoming tour! I knew that once he recorded "Chances Are" with Martina McBride - he'd get the fever again!

Getting tickets to his shows is a challenge in West Michigan. He only plays the east side of the state - and I usually have to get in line for 2 or more days to even get a ticket before the venue sells out. But you know what? I'll be in that line! It's an addiction & I'll never get enough of his voice or the energy of his concerts!

If you have the opportunity to put in "a word" -- pass on the info that the acoustics, etc. at the Palace in '96 were so much better than the other Detroit venues...Or, better yet, let him know that we have a new arena in the Grand Rapids area...

Take care -

Susie :)


That's interesting about the acoustics in the Palace. I never thought about it, but it seems a shame that Seger doesn't play places like Grand Rapids. Maybe next time.

-- SS


Aug 26, 1998

From: Bouju Stephane <>

In the section titled "Written By Seger, Recorded by Others," I added a report on French pop star Johnny Hallyday's version of "Mon p'tit loup" --"Betty Lou."

An old (35) segerphile.


Aug 26, 1998

From: GAINS Nigel* <>

Dear Scott,

Just had to mail you to say your site has completely blown me away! For a fan from the UK for over 22 years, I know a bit about Bob, but your site is awesome & very informative.

I have never seen the cover of Brand New Morning, which makes it even harder to find a copy & was hoping your site could oblige. But never mind,the rest of the info & stuff is so good,I had to print it off to read at my leisure.

My prize possessions are a fully autographed copy of Night Moves (Chris Campbell did an X as he was completely pissed) from outside The Palace Theatre, Manchester, England October 1977; a Night Moves picture disc album; Seger Classics UK promo double album; Fire Lake 1-sided Abbey Road 7"acetate; American Storm 2-sided 7" Abbey Road acetate.

I hope some of this info is of use to you Scott....I still live & work near Manchester, England & hope one day to see Bob & the Band live for the 2nd time before he calls it a day on touring.


Nigel Gains


Aug 27, 1998

From: (Mark McAleer)

I have laughed and cried through this man's songs. Thanks, Bob.

see ya !


Aug 28, 1998

From: "John Patric Price" <>

Way back in the seventies I was fortunate enough to have a copy of Brand New Morning by Bob Seger. Unfortunately I made the mistake of loaning it to a friend who liked it as much as I did. The goof never gave it back to me and years later confessed that he'd played it so much that it was virtually useless. So much for the vinyl technology. Anyway, I would love to get my hands on another copy and know it'll cost an arm and a leg. Can you advise where I might look for this album?

Much thanks...jpp


Aug 29, 1998

From: "Nancy C Brooks" <>

Hi Scott.......was wondering if you could help me out. I've been surfing, trying to find out if Bob has an official fan club, but have been unable to locate anything. Your website is really complete and in depth and I figured you would know -- does such a thing exist? And if not, do you know why?


Aug 30, 1998

From: "John Greenwood" <>

Scott, I have heard rumors that the song Turn The Page was written about the Ponderosa restaurant near Glenwood, Iowa. The group went into the restaurant and the people there harassed them because they had long hair. Is this true?

Scott Greenwood


Seger has said that he and the band were coming from Madison, Wisconsin, driving to Eau Claire, Wisconsin, when the band stopped at a truck stop around 3 a.m. Some comments in the restaurant inspired the song.

-- SS


Sep 6, 1998

From: "Krystn Madrine" <>

Dear Scott,

I have enjoyed wasting time at work by perusing your incredible web are truly a great fan and a great writer,too...Thank you for all the time you have spent on must have a very patient family and nothing else to do!

I too grew up in Michigan--a very special place. In 1972 my parents bought the local music store, and began to get involved in music promotion and was a great way to grow up...

I worked at the store every Saturday morning when the new Billboard would come out. We would post the new chart on the counter and folks could come in and request that I play such-n-such a single on our fabulous sound system. Even better were the days that new albums came in...I still miss albums and their nice big covers. I still have all of my Seger albums.

My favorite place to see him was Castle Farms, a little hole-in-the-wall outdoor venue outside of Charlevoix...Starry August nights in Northern Michigan, easy breezes off the Big Lake, thousands of crazy fans singing the words to every song...these were the religious experiences of my youth...

From looking at the previous mail you've gotten, others have similar memories. His music took hold of me way back then, and still continues to evoke powerful and poignant feelings...some of the info in your page helps me to figure out why after all these years, I still love him and his music the most (and I can overlook the truck commercials).

I am so happy and proud that my children, one of whom attended a Seger concert in the womb, all groove to the music too. I would hate to be raising kids who didn't get rock-and-roll.

Keep up the great work...

Krystn L. Madrine



Thanks for sharing your great Seger memories. Two of the things I love most are Seger and Northern Michigan...Castle Farms sounds great.

Isn't is amazing how much impact Seger has had on folks like you and me and thousands of other. I don't know why...but there's something that goes right to the heart.

I'm glad you're kids are into Seger too...(mine's not old enough yet...but just wait...)

-- SS


Sep 6, 1998

From: Dave Dooley <>

Subject: Concert Classics?

Have you heard anything about the European release of a live Seger CD called "Concert Classics"? Based on what I've read, it's from the early Silver Bullet era and was supposed to be out a month or so ago, but I can't find it anywhere, including European on-line CD dealers?




As a matter of fact, I'm currently holding in my hands a copy of Seger Classics, a two-record set released as a UK promo after Stranger in Town but before Against the Wind.

The copy I'm holding happens to be stamped Number 0001 of a limited edition of 1,000, and the price tag is still on it -- $350. I didn't pay that much, however -- this rarity was loaned to me by a friend -- and so I'm holding it very gingerly indeed.

(How, you might ask, am I able to type while holding such an album? Simple. I've devoted so much time to the Seger File that I no longer need to actually type. I simply think about Seger, and words appear on the screen.)

It's a great collection, but it's all from existing releases. The only live cuts are from Live Bullet. Here's the track list:

Disc 1

Heavy Music, Ramblin' Gamblin' Man, 2+2=?, Song to Rufus, Bo Diddley, Rosalie

Get Out of Denver, U.M.C., Beautiful Loser, Katmandu, Jody Girl, Travelin' Man

Disc 2

Nutbush City Limits, I've Been Workin', Turn the Page, Lookin' Back, Night Moves, Mainstreet

Rock $ Roll Never Forgets, Still the Same, Hollywood Nights, Till it Shines, We've Got Tonite

Apparently this was issued to UK radio stations in advance of Seger's European tour. I think it's great that Song to Rufus is included...that's a great cut, truly classic Seger, but I doubt if it got much American airplay, let alone overseas.

Anyway, now you know, and thanks to you-know-who for loaning me this collectors' copy. (See also letter #26 above, whose author also has a copy).

-- SS


Sep 7, 1998



I saw the videotape of the Bob Seger interview at the Palace. The host of the show said Seger was doing some late-night studio work at the Palace. What do you think this means ? I think that he possibly could be coming out with a video of his shows at the Palace.

I wrote you earlier and mentioned a book that Seger is supposedly writing. A friend from Gaylord heard on the radio that Seger said, "Everyone has a story to tell and so do I." That's all I've heard inthe last few months.

Talk to you later.

Jim Vanderwerp



Good question. Studio work at the Palace would seem to be a contradiction, since the Palace isn't exactly a sound studio. It seems possible they might be shooting a video...but of what?

I wonder about that book story. Interesting. The fact is, Seger should write a book. Of course, if he needs someone to write it with...hmmm.

-- SS


Sep 10, 1998



My husband and I have enjoyed and rocked to your music for years. We have all of your albums (Vinyl) and Cd's. We are just waiting for you to tour again.

Keep on rockin! You are GREAT!


Sep 10, 1998


Just a comment...The Fire Inside...has always reminded me of what I left behind (with no regrets): lost years, couple of good jobs, and the love of a few good women. Searching. This song will always put into place my days on the streets and realize where I'm at now. Nothin' personal, just a favorite of mine. Like the cd liner said, "Oddly for me, I kept rewriting the first verse. I've never done that before or since." Haunting lyrics.

Best wishes, K.


Sep 10, 1998


Subject: We've Got Tonite

I've been a Bob Seger fan for about four months now. I started to get into his music at my senior prom. "We've Got Tonite" was the theme of our prom. And that song was the first slow dance played that night.

Slow dancing to that song with my date was the start of something spectacular. I've been dating her ever since, & my love for her has not dwindled in the slightest bit.

I was just wondering if you have the mp3 or real audio file of "We've Got Tonite"? If so could you please send it to me. It would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Mike Storm,


Sep 10, 1998

From: Mark Daniel Ward <>

Subject: Chances Are

I absolutely love Bob Seger's music. Early this summer, I went to see Hope Floats, and I heard the song "Chances Are" for the very first time. It is such a wonderful song, and it reminds me very much of Bob

Do you know where I could find the tablature for this tune?

Mark Daniel Ward,


Sep 11, 1998

From: (Darcey Bournay)

Can you give me an e-mail address to contact Bob Seger people. We are planning some concerts in Jackson, Michigan, and would like to get some dollar figures on having Bob do a concert.


Hi Darcy,

You might have noticed from various places on my site that Jackson, Michigan is my home town. I think it would great to have Seger play there. I don't know his e-mail address though. Good luck.

-- SS


Sep 14, 1998

From: "Bob Kruse" <>

Subject: Early Seger on CD


I found your Seger File site by searching for "Persecution Smith.' I just finished hearing this track on a great scarce Michigan CD compilation called Michigan Memories. I grew up on the East Side of Detroit and that tune and East Side Story are still my favorite Seger songs.

I've long wondered why they aren't included in compilations. I figured that they must be part of a past that Seger himself wished to forget, but reading your pages dispels that notion.

Do you know if there are plans to release the early Hideout/Cameo material on CD? I've got a few of these cuts on Michigan Brand Nuggets, a terrific 2-LP set, but the sound quality is pretty poor.

I've been waiting for years for this early stuff to appear on CD, not being a big fan of his glossy middle-of-the-road stuff. I'm tempted to finally get It's A Mystery after reading parts on your distinguished site.


Bob Kruse,



I'm glad you liked the Seger File. I've never heard of that "Michigan Memories" CD...I wonder if it's something recently put together. I have seen various references to Michigan Nuggets, but I've never heard from anyone who has actually listened to it.

The early stuff has never been on any official CD, and if Seger has plans to do so, he's keeping quiet about it. In my opinion, it would make a great disc in a boxed set...I hope someday he'll put it out. You can't really get the whole Seger story without the early years.

-- SS


Sep 19, 1998


Just a quick note....been a Seger fan since the Seven LP. Glad to have found a real fan's site.

Not sure if this is of any interest, but i came across a tune titled "Lullaby" by Shawn Mullins, and the lyrics contain the line, "her parents threw big parties, everyone was there, they hung out with folks like dennis hopper, bob seger, and sonny & cher ."

first time i ever heard of seger's name used in a song...except for mellencamp's "pop singer "...i swear he says don't wanna be no bob seger. "

thanks again for the super site.



Sep 22, 1998

From: Greg Shattuck <>

Thanks for all your efforts in creating and updating the Seger File. I am a Michigan native now living in South Carolina and use the Seger File to get the latest info that I miss from the Detroit press and grapevine. I do have a few questions and comments if you know the answers...

1. What is Seger's status for induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame...I know his 25 year "window" is open.

2. Is it me or has Rolling Stone overtly blacklisted Seger coverage...granted, Seger's audience may not always be Rolling Stone's audience...but since 1980 and his last cover...they act as if his career and influences don't exist!

3. Any idea on what happened to Robyn Robbins after his Silver Bullet days?

I too am disappointed in the support "Chances Are" received from Capitol...I hate to say it, but it almost seems typical of the circumstances that have haunted Seger's career from the beginning. By the way, is the "new" album with Capitol -- I know his previous contract with them expired with "It's A Mystery."

That's all for now...thanks again for all your efforts...look forward to the new updates!

Greg Shattuck



Good questions. I'm not sure what Seger's status is regarding the Hall of Fame. I know he's not there yet, and I'm certain he will be there eventually. Unlike some, I'm not bothered that he's not there yet. It's just one more thing to look forward to.

As for Rolling're right, they don't cover Seger much at all. When he had his auto accident last year, they ran a little blurb in which they referred to him as one of the "elders" of rock, or something like that. They sell to a much younger crowd, and they probably know their audience pretty well...

Your question about Robyn Robbins is a great one...and I don't have any idea what happened to him. I'll post your letter on my e-mail page and maybe somebody who knows will write.

As for the album being on Capitol...I'm assuming that if there had been a label switch, we would have heard about it.

Thanks for writing

-- SS


Sep 30, 1998


Hi Scott,

Slowly making my way through "the files" and enjoying every minute of it!

...I've always said that if I ever got the chance to talk to Seger and ask questions they would be: 1. Will you sing G-L-O-R-I-A for me? 2. What's the story behind Ship Of Fools...who is Old McFee?

What do you think about Ship Of Fools? I've always been able to "connect" to his songs, but this one has "stumped" me for years!




I never heard Seger do "Gloria," but I'll bet in the early days he did. I think there was a period when Seger was playing an awful lot of cover tunes.

As for Ship of Fools..isn't that an intriguing song? What's he talking about with "I alone survived the sinking? I alone possessed the tools." So far, I'm stumped, just like you.

Thanks again for writing.



Oct 2, 1998

From: Lee Phillips <>

This is simply the best site for information that I have seen anywhere! You have done a fantastic job of organization.

I especially enjoyed your comments on the Drew Abbott follow up in Northern Michigan. I am now 54 yrs. old and have played in the Detroit/Ipsy/AA area since I was 17 (guitar).

We (us band guys) used to play at the old Wall Lake Casino in weekly "Battle of the Bands." My band, the Treble Tones, competed against Bob with a pick-up band and beat them. We beat the band he had but certainly not the vocals!!!!!!!!!!!!

He was really something special even then!!! I still play with a band called ROADHOAG and do 60s, 70s material and Bob's earlier material is included of course.

In Franklin, Michigan -- still rockin'


Oct 2, 1998


Subject: hi bob

you played at a dance at my high the late 60's....i went to lakeview high school....and that was in st clair shores....i will never ever forget seeing you and your was awesome.....


Oct 2, 1998


Unfortunately "2+2 = ?" does not get any air time anymore. I hope that Bob realizes that he saved many lives with that song. The Vietnam vets should honor him one day.

Being almost 47, I relate to Bob in many ways. I too am a parent but I raised my two boys on my own for seventeen years and to this day I am still there for them.

If you should happen to see Bob let him know that the years have been kind looking back on them. In the end, we just live it fast or slow, it don't matter we all end up in the place. We have our memories, our goods and our bads.




Thanks for your message. I agree, it's too bad "2+2" isn't played these sure had a big influence on me.

-- SS


Oct 6, 1998

From: (holly spangler)

He's a classic that will never be out-dated. I guess the best way to say it is, "Bob has what nobody else has ever come close to."

By the way, the site is great!

Thanks, Holly


Oct 6, 1998

From: (sandy pfaff)

Subject: you the man bob ....

nobody has ever been able to cool me down in such a way as your music dose, keep up the good work..we all love you.

i was nine when i fell in love with the man..i was such a bad-tempered kid that when i got home from school he could just soo me with his music looking out my window i could just dream of all the things he was talking about.. away he took me...and as a adult he still dose the same to me his music is so understandable and so there. most any body can relate to it the man has a voice that will not quit sounds a little rough a round the edges but that is the man an i love it. he is a vary uneek man and always will be. you are in my heart now and forever...blraven.....


Oct 10, 1998

From: "Dilek B.U." <>

Hello, I am a Seger Fan too. I must say your site is the most exclusive on the web among other Seger Pages. It is nice to know there are other Seger fans out there I was born and raised in Turkey. My first introduction to his music was in 1989 and I admired every song of his then. Found something that explained a piece of me is all I can say.


Oct 10, 1998

From: William Partington <>

Subject: The Navy Blues...

Hello, my name is Elizabeth, and I could not just leave this site without making a quick comment.

So you want to know about lost hope and bittersweet regrets, well my broken heart could bore you silly on that subject. I was in love with an officer in the Australian Navy. We had a great relationship always full of surprises and little love notes to each other. He was always back and forth, but the separation never really dulled our love for each other.

Destiny had brought us together, but something tore us apart. They say that time makes the heart grow fond, that is true, but the heart can only take so much before it goes into overload. Time can be so cruel, I know this for a fact. But what does not kill us, will make us stronger.... So yes, hope can be lost, and my only regret is that I let go of him.


Oct 11, 1998


i'm writing because my mom loves Bob and we have both been looking for a Seger video (preferably LIVE) for years now but to no avail. Do you know if such a video exists??



Oct 14, 1998

From: brett ralph <>


There are a couple of things I wanted to pass on to you, inspired by "The Seger File."

First off, When my second Seger phase was initiated, by picking up a copy of "Ramblin' Gamblin' Man," I was immediately enamored of "The Last Song." Paul Aarstad, who plays lead guitar in my band, is a diehard Love fan. When I sent him a tape featuring a few Seger tracks, he observed that "The Last Song" sounded, to him, as if it might have been inspired by Arthur Lee. Needless to say, I was both surprised and impressed to see you make a similar judgment in your comments on that album.

Also, included on that tape for Paul were selected tracks from "Back in '72," including "Turn the Page." I must admit, I've never liked the live version of that song -- perhaps because I heard it so much on FM radio growing up. Then again, it might be how loud the sax is in the mix, or the fact that Seger's shouts on the last verse seem to contradict the song's somber beauty (and its point: the road is lonely and boring).

Anyway, hearing the studio version was a revelation: subtle, where the live track was overstated (in my eyes). Paul, ever the insightful audiophile,said he thought it sounded "a lot like the Velvet Underground," with its spare arrangement and dark, eerie spaces. I think he's right (it makes me think of "Heroin," another pitfall of "the Road"), though one doesn't often hear Seger and the Velvets mentioned in the same sentence.

Indeed, all my cooler-than-thou Indie rock elitist "friends" chastise me for my Seger fixation, though they seem to hedge their bets when I inform them that Seger is THE link between Motown and Mitch Ryder and that hallowed (by punk rockers) era known as "Detroit Rock." Seger is the bridge from Motown to the MC5, from Ryder to Iggy. While the Detroit Wheels were undoubtedly (hard as they rocked) still an R&B band, could Bob have formed Detroit's first true "Rock" band? As Jerry Lee Lewis says, "Think about it, Darlin'!"



Oct 15, 1998


Being from the home of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, I can't understand why Bob hasn't been nominated...Until Bob gets his justice I will not visit it.





Oct 16, 1998


Hi Scott,

What a pleasant surprise to come across you site. I will never forget the first time I saw Bob Seger in concert. I was a freshman in HS and did I ever have to beg my mother to let me go...She had always said that as long as I lived under her roof, I would never attend a rock concert. Luckily, she relented. That was one of the best nights in my life.

I got to see him again three years later. Both concerts were at Market Square Arena in Indianapolis. He could sure pack the place...My 12 year old daughter thinks I am nuts when I hear a Seger song come on the radio. I think I embarrass her with all my yelling. "Bob Seger, Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band. You paid your money do you want to hear some more?" I told her that we'll see who is crazy. I want to see Hanson or Jewel have the longevity that Bob Seger has had...And although my Seger vinyl albums and cassettes have been replaced with his CD's, he is still #1 in my book. Rock on Bob. We love you!

54 -- The Seger-starved masses plead for tour news

Oct 17, 1998


First of all let me thank you very much for the best site on the web about Bob Seger!

1) Do you know of any web site that I can get up to date information on Seger such as when he will tour again etc....

2) Do you know when Bob will go back on tour again? When will he release his new CD? Is there a site that I can go to get this info?


Oct 19, 1998


Any updates on album and new tour would be appreciated.

Oct 20, 1998

From: "Lois" <>

Any idea when he might hit New England or Montreal next?

Lois in Vermont

Oct 21, 1998

From: "short4" <>

If in my entire lifetime I could attend only one concert it would be a Bob Seger concert. But I have yet to do so. I am 33 years old and during my teenage years my father wouldn't dare allow his daughter to go, and I don't recall the last tour coming to my area, although it may have. 

I would sleep outside in a snow storm for weeks to get tickets to see this man. Whenever I hear his voice my heart twinges. I live in Virginia. 

Is there a chance Seger will tour again and if so will he be in or around my area I will not be completely fulfilled until I see the incredible Bob Seger. Please respond with good news!

Thanks, Donna Tillman

Oct 22, 1998

From: "PAUL BYRD" <>

Could you let me know if Bob Seger will be having any up coming concerts in the next year or so? I seem to be having trouble finding anything updated on concerts.

Thank you, Margie

Oct 24, 1998



Nov 6, 1998

From: "retha" <>

Do u have any idea whether he will EVER visit South Africa????   Retha

Nov 20, 1998


I would like to give my mother tickets to see Bob Seger as a Christmas gift. Information has been very hard to come by. Do you know if there are plans for a tour or even single dates anywhere in the country in the next 6 months or so? Do you know of any good resources for this kind of information?

Oct 18, 1998


Always trying to find more info on Bob Seger. He is without question the best combination writer-entertainer of all time in my eyes.

Hope he will still include a few concerts down south, and wish he would make just one music video for his really devoted fans

Bobby Barrett

Aiken, SC

When will Bob tour again? Andwhen will he release his new CD? Simple: Just be guided by the ancient wisdom of the Tao: Those who know don't say, and those who say don't know.

Actually, whenever I get any info on these subjects, I post it on the News and Updates page. Everyone out there who thinks Punch and Capitol should add The Seger File to their news release lists for tour/CD info, raise your hand.

-- SS


Oct 19, 1998

From: "Burns" <>

Hey, I'm not sure who you are but you seem to know your shit when it come to Seger...All I have to say is that it is nice to find someone who seems to enjoy the music as much as me. I just got out of debt, a new girlfriend, a '94 saturn sc2, (don't get me wrong, my summer car is a 1976 Chevy Caprice Classic, it's my real baby), and so on and so forth. All and all Seger was the only thing I can say that made a lot of sense to me and I thank him for that....If you like mail me back with any tour info you have...Seger Rules

Jesse (not the one you have talked about before)  


Oct 22, 1998


Subject: Seger memories

Back in the sixties I was in a band that opened up for Seger on numerous occasions at the Hideout. I remember one night when he asked me to go to the back of the room and listen to a song that he had written and to let him know what I thought of it. "Ramblin Gamblin Man" still sounds good today.


Oct 22, 1998



I just found you web page and I wanted to thank you. The Seger File is perfectly written and organized.

Originally from San Francisco, I grew up listening, memorizing and trying to understand his songs. Like you, his songs are the soundtrack of my life. I am getting married on Sunday (10/25/98) and I hope all our guests like his music. All of my close friends already expect it. Thank you very much for all your hard work.



Oct 29, 1998


Great site. Just found it but have to go to bed, work in the morning.

Saw Bob three times in 1996...incredible, incredible, incredible.

For the first show, I found out my seats were behind the stage. Not happy! To my surprise, we were the first row behind the stage....Bob spent a lot of time in the back singing to the people who thought they had bad seats. Wow!!!

I have a great group of friends who I have grown up with and whose parents my parents grew up with. We are all huge Bob fans. We have thought about changing the name of our town from Green Harbor, MA. to Bob Seger, MA. The obsession is that great.

His music is the soundtrack to our lives and friendships!

Neil Deininger


Oct 30, 1998


Subject: Bob Seger/KISS


First of all...excellent website on the indefatigable Bob Seger.

I am hoping you may be able to assist me in a project that I am working on. I am currently (and have been for almost four years now) working on creating an archive of every concert that KISS has ever done. I am pretty close to having a completed list, but a few details are still missing.

In particular, I have several KISS shows that I know took place in March of 1976 where I cannot seem to track down the opening act. Listed below are the dates I feel Bob Seger may have opened. If you could perhaps confirm or deny these dates (or maybe know someone who could), I'd be greatly indebted to you.

3/6/76 Lincoln, NE Pershing Auditorium
3/8/76 Tulsa, OK Tulsa Assembly Center
3/12/76 New Orleans, The Warehouse
3/13/76 Mobile, AL Exhibition Hall
4/13/76 Utica, NY Memorial Auditorium

The bulk of the shows that Seger and KISS played were on KISS' "Destroyer Tour." I am relatively certain that I have the correct information for all of these shows, but I do know that Seger dropped off that tour two or three times to play previously scheduled gigs (like the Jackson County Fair show in August which prompted Seger to miss the KISS gig in El Paso on August 15, 1976).

If you think you might be able to give this list the once-over and see if it corresponds with what you know about Bob Seger's gigs, that would be great.

7/3 Norfolk----The Scope----Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band (BS & SBB)
7/6 Columbia, SC----Carolina Coliseum----BS & SBB
7/8 Richmond, VA----Richmond Coliseum----BS & SBB
7/8 Clemson, SC----Littlejohn Coliseum----BS & SBB. (Show canceled).
7/10 Jersey City, NJ----Roosevelt Stadium----BS & SBB, J.Geils Band, Point Blank
7/11 S. Yarmouth, MA----Cape Cod Coliseum----BS & SBB
7/13 Baltimore, MD----Baltimore Civic Center----BS & SBB
7/15 Knoxville, TN----Knoxville Civic Coliseum----BS & SBB
7/17 Charleston, WV----Charleston Civic Center ----BS & SBB
7/19 Johnson City, TN----Freedom Hall Center----BS & SBB
7/21 Nashville, TN----Nashville Aud.----BS & SBB, Felix Pappalardi
7/23 Birmingham, AL----Rickwood Stadium----Kansas. (BS & SBB canceled to do show in Traverse City, MI on 7/24)
7/26 Kansas City, MO----Municipal Auditorium----Artful Dodger, Sweet?
7/28 St. Louis, MO----Kiel Auditorium ----BS & SBB.
7/29 St. Louis, MO----Kiel Auditorium ----BS & SBB.
7/31 Chicago, IL----Comiskey Park ----Ted Nugent, Uriah Heep, BS & SBB. ("World Series of Rock-Game 2." Game 1--7/10 w. Aerosmith. Canceled due to early curfew and lack of ticket sales.)
7/31 Toledo, OH----Toledo Sports Arena----Starz.
8/2 Indianapolis, IN----Market Square Arena----BS & SBB, Artful Dodger.
8/4 Little Rock, AR----T.H. Barton Coliseum----BS & SBB.
8/6 Evansville, IN----Roberts Stadium----BS & SBB, Artful Dodger.
8/8 Tampa, FL----Tampa Stadium----BS & SBB. (Show canceled.)
8/8 Dayton, OH----Hara Arena----BS & SBB (Artful Dodger?).
8/10 Shreveport, LA----Hirsch Coliseum----BS & SBB
8/11 Fort Worth, TX----Tarrant Center----BS & SBB, Artful Dodger.
8/13 Houston, TX----The Summit----BS & SBB, Artful Dodger.
8/15 El Paso, TX----El Paso Coliseum----Sweet? (BS & SBB canceled to do Jackson Co.Fair on 8/14).
8/17 Phoenix, AZ----Tempe StadiumvTed Nugent, Montrose, BS & SBB
8/20 Anaheim, CA----Anaheim Stadium----Ted Nugent, Montrose, BS & SBB.
8/22 Oakland, CA----Oakland Coliseum Arena----BS & SBB, Point Blank.
8/27 Greensboro, NC----Greensboro Coliseum----Point Blank, Artful Dodger.
8/29 Atlanta, GA----Fulton County Stadium----Edgar & Johnny Winter, Blue Oyster Cult, BS & SBB, .38 Special, (Artful Dodger?)
9/1 South Bend, IN----Notre Dame Center ----BS & SBB.
9/3 Cleveland, OH----The Coliseum----Artful Dodger.
9/4 Pittsburgh, PA----Civic Arena----BS & SBB, Artful Dodger.
9/6 Toronto----Varsity Stadium----Blue Oyster Cult, Artful Dodger.
9/8 Louisville, KY----Freedom Hall----BS & SBB, Artful Dodger.
9/10 Cincinnati, OH----Riverfront Coliseum----BS & SBB, Artful Dodger.
9/12 Springfield, MA----Springfield Civic Center----BS & SBB. (Rick Munroe, Jay Barth's last show.)
Hope you can lend a hand!

Best regards,




Sorry to say, I'm clueless about Kiss. But maybe some of the Seger File readers will have some info and get in touch with you.

-- SS


Oct 30, 998


I grew up in Flat Rock, Mi. Graduated in 1971. I first remember seeing Seeger at a high school dance in Southgate. Was hooked ever since. I've been to many concerts at Cobo Hall and Pine Knob.

I lived in Tucson the past 20+ years and have seen Seeger 4 times. This last time I promised my 2 kids, if Seeger ever went on tour again I would take them. So the last tour was in Phoenix and there we were. It was just as much fun as ever.

If there is another chance to see him, I'll (we'll) be there.

Brian J LeBlanc


Oct 31, 1998

From: david w antos <>

What a great freaking web site...The Seger File is what I have been envisioning since I first logged onto the net in 93. Thank you!

So...I'm reading your site and trying to match it to my collection and knowledge...I don't have much to add except the following:

PICTURE DISCS: Night Moves and Stranger in Town. My wife framed both my copies once as a gift.


On Our Way. Not actually a Seger album, but a Teegarden and Van Winkle album on 72 Westbound records. Seger has credit for high harmony on a version of "Midnight Rider," a co-writing credit for "Ain't Love Grand,"and a credit for cow bell & inspiration on "Going Down"

...I read on a web site once about a copy of It's A Mystery on CD ROM with some add'l content. Ever heard that one?




I also saw that web site talking about a CD ROM version of It's A Mystery. I believe they had it wrong, that no such thing was ever produced.



Nov 1, 1998


hey.. i am a 41 year old michigan native who fell in love with bob seger in the early seventies. I actually won a chance to meet him on a local radio station in Flint, WTAC, fat cat flanders show. I think i have seen him in concert over 25 times and think he is the classiest rock star around. glad to see others feel the same way.


Nov 5, 1998

From: Paul <>

Hi Scott and everyone else!-

I recently came across your great page, and I am very impressed.

I first saw Bob in the late seventies, and was also lucky enough to have attended his first ever headlining gig at Madison Square Garden in 1980. Man, I will never forget that night. I still get goose bumps when I think back to the electricity that was in the air that evening.

I wanted to let you know that around the time of his 'Greatest Hits' release Seger was on WNEW-FM in New York, and was being interviewed by a long-time friend, and current DJ at the station. I think it was Dave Herman if I remember correctly. At any rate, he [the DJ] was grilling Seger as to why 'Back in '72' is STILL not on CD.

Seger's response was that he always hated the mix on that album, and wanted to remix it before it comes out on CD. He must really be remixing the hell out of it, because we are all still anxiously awaiting its release!

They then went on to discuss the possibility of a box set with unreleased material. Seger seemed quite positive that in "a few years" he was going to release a set along those lines. Again, still waiting! I sure hope good things come to those who wait. I, for one, hope one of those things is the great live version of 'Brave Strangers' on CD.



Nov 5, 998

From: "Kåre Smørvik" <>

I'm writing this mail from Norway. At my work I have a workingmate, (she`s from Scotland) and she is a big fan of Bob Seger. She have almost every album, but she has a problem. I have tried for several months to find the song "Understanding" from the film "Teachers" to her. I have tried everywhere but with no luck.

Is it possible that you know where to find it as a CD, record or cassette. I know this would make her very happy?


Kaare Smoervik


Nov 9, 1998


Subject: touching my life

i grew up on bob because my dad raised me and all he had to listen to was a album player. So day in and day out i listen to bob. My dad recently found out he had a rare disease called acromeglay. We dont know how much longer he will be with us.Every time i hear bob i cry because with his songs a memory is attached. It seems like my life with my dad was surrounded by bob's music, thank you bob for the memories that i will always have of my life with the best dad in the world!!

Thank you,




Your letter really touched me. It reminded me a little of my experience with my dad...I grew up hearing my dad's favorite musician, Louis Armstrong.

When I was a kid, I didn't like it that much, because it wasn't rock and roll...but now I hear that voice, and I realize how much there is in common between Armstrong and Seger, in terms of vocal quality. I've always felt that my love of Seger is one of the wonderful presents my dad gave me. My dad passed away three years ago...and when Louis Armstrong comes on, all the memories come back.

Thanks for your letter.

-- SS


Nov 10, 1998

From: Vonda Hafford <>

I need your help, please. I am absolutely desperate to find the sheet music to Living Inside My Heart from About Last Night. This is one of my all time favorite songs and I want it to be the first dance for my groom and I at our wedding. Our band doesn't have the sheet music and I can't find it anywhere.

Please send info or point me in the right direction to obtain it.


Vonda Hafford


I don't have the sheet music to Living Inside My Heart. If anyone does, e-mail Vonda.

-- SS


Nov 12, 1998

From: Drue Roberts <drrobert@NMSU.Edu>

Subject: Wow

My name is Drue Roberts. My Dad worked in a bar in Toledo, OH, during the late 60's early 70's when Mr. Seger was still becoming a star. I guess they met sometime around then. I was wondering if Mr. Seger has a homepage of any type because my ole man would love to look it up. Hey I grew up listening to Smokin O.P.'s up to (I think its called It a Mystery) the Cd of today. This is a great site, keep up the good work. Even a punk like me still gets into the groove.

D. Roberts


Nov 13, 1998

From: "Matson" <>

to whom it may concern,

hello, my name is Megan. I am 19 yrs. old and I live in Ohio. I am the biggest Bob Seger fan you will ever know. I can't really explain why I love him so much. I just really enjoy his music and I think he has the best voice I have ever heard.

I went to see him in concert in May of 1996 at the Gunda Arena in Cleveland. It was the best performance I have ever seen. I remember crying the minute he walked out onto the stage. My dream and my biggest wish is to meet him!! I wrote a letter to Oprah  and asked to meet him, but I never got a reply. Right now I am trying to get on this new show called Fanatic on MTV so I can meet him. I would do anything in the world to meet him.

Well, I just wanted to share my feelings with someone who might feel the same as I do. If possible write me back.

Thank you,

Megan Pope -


Nov 15, 1998

From: "lmmn" <>

Subject: Unbelievable

I have hit the jackpot by finding your site.There is so much information, it will take me a week to go through it all. I was beginning to wonder if I was the only Seger fan alive.  I never hear anything about him. Until your website. What a great find!  

I am so excited about the prospect of a new album and then a possible tour. When I saw Bob in Massachusetts in 1996, I thought that would be his last tour and my last time to see him.  Now I'll be able to see him again. This time my 10 year old son with be with me, as he has finally seen the light and has become Bob Seger's #2 fan.  

Thanks so much for your obvious hard work and much effort. You have made my day!!



Nov 16, 1998

From: Dave Gaffen <>

hey, nice page.

Just wanted to ask:

Any thoughts on whether some type of real moldy oldie Seger package will come out? To be honest, I've always preferred his 1969-1974 period (when I was a major Seger fan in college (1991, yes, I'm young -- i was trendy too, I've got 4 soundgarden albums and 3 Alice In Chains) and managed to get cassettes of Ramblin' Gamblin Man, Mongrel, Seven, and Smokin' OP's. But could never find Back in 72, and would love to somehow find "Persecution Smith" and all that great stuff he did back then.

and wanted to say:

You're too nice to "It's a Mystery." I personally think the guy should shift to recording blues, country and Tom Waits covers, since his voice has aged real well, and perform the old stuff. I couldn't' stand this album -- "Lock & Load" is a real good single, but it's unmatched on the album, except the Waits cover and the "Angeline" blues knockoff. He doesn't seem to sound like he knows what he's talking about anymore.

To me it all started to go downhill when he started talking about "schemers" in various songs, spec. "Like a Rock" (which happens to be very good). I'm trying to figure out what this millionaire is so annoyed about. "No one loves me anyway" from Katmandu resonates, as does "feel like a number."

2. Perfect album? Live Bullet, easy, though I'm not a big fan of "Let it Rock."

3. Heard the Metallica cover. They shoulda done acoustic.


dave gaffen


Nov 17, 998

From: (Hunter,Gord)

Hi Scott,

I still keep an eye on the site, and every time I go to it I find something new. One thing I haven't found (doesn't mean it's not there) is the answer to an awkward question: Why is Charlie in a wheel chair? I wondered when I read your fictional account of 'Get Out of Denver', and today as I read the letter from Jon I realized that this must have been accounted for in the Michigan press. What happened?

A few notes which I'm sure you're aware of, but I'll mention them anyway. The single for 'Tryin to Live My Life Without You' was flip-sided with an incredible live version of 'Brave Strangers'....a song which I am still waiting to hear in concert. I wonder if this was a throw away from the album, although I can't imagine ANYONE leaving this off an album. Next to 'Roll Me Away' this is a personal all time favourite.

The Christmas tape 'A Rock 'n Roll Christmas' is also a CD (I'm looking at it right now).

I picked the CD up at Sears a few years ago and it contains two bonus tracks: Christmas is the time to say I love you - Billy Squier (the only good song Billy ever wrote) Merry Christmas Baby - Chuck Berry ("....and Chuck used to say")

Finally I will include something I mentioned when I first wrote you. This site should be the stepping-stone to an official biography. If I had any pull, I'd use it to push the idea. The best I can do is attempt a grass-roots uprising, by enlisting my friends in this honourable pursuit.


Gord Hunter



Good to hear from you again. About Charlie getting hurt: Sometime after Live Bullet came out, he was hit by a car. Apparently he had been driving on a back road and had run out of gas. As he was walking along the road, a woman who was driving with no lights hit him.

Interestingly, I saw a tape of him playing with Seger at Pine Knob in 1996. Both Drew Abbott and Charlie Martin came out for a couple of songs. Charlie sang harmony on Against the Wind. The most amazing thing to me was how young, how high-energy and full of life he seemed. I was very impressed by him.

Thanks for the info on the Christmas CD. As for a Seger biography...Maybe one thing will lead to another and I'll get a chance, or maybe not. Either way, I love doing the web page -- -- partly because it lets me keep in touch with folks like you.

Take care, thanks for writing,


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