The Seger File

An unofficial web site about the music of Bob Seger Last updated September 28, 2000 Written and edited by Scott Sparling


"Like A Rock" is my favorite Seger song. Seger's got the right to do what he wants with it, but the idea of it being re-sold every year bothered me. To get over it, I did something I knew would work: I got in the car, put on "Like A Rock" and turned the volume up to 27. After sitting in the driveway for the full 5:53, "Like A Rock" was a song again, not an ad.

It's a tribute to the transformative power of Seger's voice that the song remains a song for me, even after nearly a decade of ad use. Of course, as soon as I turn on the Olympics, it'll flip back to being an ad. But that's okay; I can go out to the car and turn it back into a song whenever I need to.

I use the word 'need' purposely. There are times when, in a completely real way, I need the power that songs hold for me. It strengthens my spirit, and we all need that at times. If it ever turns into an ad and stays an ad, it will be a blow to the spirit. End of footnote.