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Updated September 25, 2006
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Seger and Letterman -- October 1986

By not appearing on Late Night With David Letterman not once but twice in fall 1986, Seger actually got more airtime and exposure than he might have gotten if he'd actually been on the program!

So perhaps it was all just another counter-intuitive stoke of genius by Punch.

To me, Letterman sounds more angry on these audio-only tapes than he did at the time. As I watched the show, I thought he was having fun and getting kind of a kick out of Seger's absence. Listen to the mp3s and see for youself.




"One of those complicated things"

"It's not like Don Kirshner's Rock Concert"

"It's just that he really wanted to play your favorite song"

"The I-Won't-Be-There Tour"