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Photos and copy by longtime Seger fan and photographer Ken Settle.

Bob playing "Turn the Page" in 1973 at Lakeview High School in St. Clair Shores, Michigan.

He and the Borneo Band played a polished, funky set to the modest crowd in the school auditorium. They'd already done two encores, but the crowd wanted more. When they came back out, an older lady (I think she might have been the principal) came onstage, touched Bob's arm and said, "I think we'd better stop now!" Bob said, "We're gonna do one more," and launched into a slow-Memphis-groove version of Jackie Wilson's "Higher and Higher."

In a few more years, Bob would be an international star, and the core of the Borneo Band would be flying around the world with Eric Clapton! -- K.S.

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Updated January 1, 2006